GGH Black Flat Clutch Question - Availability

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  1. Is is hard to find a GGH Black Flat Clutch right now? I bought one from *bay earlier in the year, but haven't used it and am thinking of letting it go. But, I am just worried that if I regret my decision and want to buy another from in store there won't be any available. Does anyone know? It would be so much easier if I had a Bal, Barneys, NM, etc. close to me and I could go in to check, but I don't. TIA! :flowers::heart:
  2. i've seen them at my neimans =)
  3. ^ Ok good, thank you. I didn't know if they were getting scarce now because of the no GGH in Spring 09 :yes:
  4. Barneys still has them, too. I recently picked up an 07 one and it's just gorgeous! :girlsigh:
  5. You would probably be able to find another one if you end up regretting parting with yours, but you may want to consider the leather - if your clutch has really gorgeous chevre leather you may have a difficult time finding that again. Not trying to dissuade you at all :nogood:, just something I personally would consider :yes:!
  6. Anyone seen any jet black ones recently? :love: