GG Twins Medium Hobo - pink trim

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  1. I haven't seen IRL but my husband just bought me one at the Vegas store.

    I really wanted the canvas sukey medium tote with pink leather trim, but they didn't have at City Center or Vegas. And I had to buy it while hubby was there with cash from his casino winnings so I couldn't wait and just order online.

    I spoke with the salesman at the store and he said the Twins style is popular b/c it has gold and silver hardware and the pink trim is a Vegas exclusive.

    Also, I really like to wear purses on my shoulder and from reading posts on here, the sukey may not fit well as a shoulder bag. The Twins hobo has a longer drop and the store told me it definitely is a shoulder bag.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone has seen the pink twins or has a twins bag and can give me an opinion.
  2. Now I'm really excited. Darin from City Center Vegas store just called to verify the address for shipping and he said he threw a "little something extra" in with the bag!
  3. Here's a pic my husband sent me from the store. It has all the pink purses they had in stock. I got the canvas GG Twins on the end. It's hard to tell in the picture that the strap is pink, but it's the same rose pink as the Sukey.

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  4. congrats - we can´t wait to see pic of you with the new bag :smile:
  5. Congratulations on your 'win' :yahoo:

    Sounds wonderful and I too, can not wait to see pics of your choice :biggrin:
  6. That's so sweet of your DH! I think you will love it. The sukey tote affords very little space as a shoulder bag cuz the drop is only 6". Can't wait to see your reveal pics!
  7. Ohhh, nice! Your bag will be perfect as a shoulder bag. I'm still dreaming of GG Twins pink guccissima hobo - TDF! I tried one on at the flagship Nordy's the other day (over a quilted Burberry jacket and a thick sweater under it), and it fit perfectly under the arm. I manage to fit a medium Sukey under the arm in my summer clothes OK, too. I'm about 5-6 and not uber-muscular (although I can do 30 good form pushups non-stop).

    There is also an all-pink guccissima Sukey hobo on Gucci US. I have a fabric version of that bag, and it is a perfect shoulder bag!
  8. Congratulation! Hope to see some modeling shots soon - you chose a gorgeous bag.