Gg Plus

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  1. I know its impossible to get a brand new vintage but i am in need of a gg plus bag i know the site has 2 totes but does anyone know where i can find a new gg plus bag?? I put the key purse and toiltry case to use a clutch but i really want the bag!!!!

    Please help :confused1:
  2. noone knows? :sad:
  3. sorry, I can't help.
  4. i think you can get the pieces at most boutiques.
  5. oh ok thanks i saw that...i ended up just getting the toilitry bag and coin purse..i want something like a boston bag or satchel...and there was also another piece that was a longer bag but was told it was sold out and last years... :sad: no luck
  6. nmmm quick question, why do u love the GGplus??

    just wondering!!! whats so great about it? I know its really durable blah blah blah...but whats so cool about it?


  7. u know its funny...i have no idea why its something that maes me like it better than the regular canvas...jus tthe look i guess..i mean i have 2 canvas bags and a pair of soes which i love but its something bout the coated canvas!! hehe btw great news i found a vintage from the early 80s best part she never used it!!! ill show u pics
  8. ill post a new thread it didnt arrive yet but i have her pics!