GG Blooms in blue

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  1. Has anyone bought anything in this colorway? I'm really loving the blue shades but am just not sure about the red trim! Considering the mini chain bag.
  2. I've only seen it with matching blue trim, not red, so I'm really curious which one you're talking about! I was really looking forward to seeing the blue, as I love blue but for some reason I just haven't fallen in love with it. I just don't find it as warm as the red toned blooms.
  3. I didn't know it came in blue trim as well. That would be hard to resist. Like the OP, I love the blue blooms but am unsure about the red trim. It provides a nice contrast but may be too much for those of us who favour cool colours.
  4. Here's a pic (bottom)

    The Boston shows the red even more strongly

    I agree with the OP. Blue and red can work but, this shade of red seems a bit bright for the paler blue. However, I usually find the colours seem less light and bright IRL away from those bright photo-shoot lights on
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  5. Oh, I misunderstood, I had only been looking at the Dionysus bags and those only have a matching blue suede trim. With the ones you posted, I definitely agree with you and the op that the red trim needs to be seen in person first before making any purchase.
  6. I just bought the GG blooms in blue as a 'card holder'. But it's huge! Has space for wallets and coins, which is not at all what I'm after, so it's going back to the boutique at the weekend.

    Has anyone bought anything from the collection that is small? I already have a key holder and mini-card holder (i.e. space for 2 cards) but really want a small piece from this sweet collection! Anyone bought anything they're super into?
  7. Will any of the blooms line be included in the sale next month? I'm new to Gucci and would love to know what to expect from this sale. Thanks so much.
  8. I love the blue, but it looks awful with that red :nogood:
  9. +1 to that! I have a lots of blues, purples and greens in my wardrobe, the red just isn't going to work, sigh!

    It's quite new so I think is unlikely to be in the sale this time around.
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    I got the wallet today and it is beautiful! The inside leather is so soft and pretty!

    I was looking for a small wallet with a bill section. This one also has lots of card space.

    It is actually called a card holder.

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  12. super cute!
  13. That is really nice!
  14. That is adorable!
  15. I highly doubt the blooms will be on sale. I'm expecting to see the Bree, bamboo top handle totes, swing totes, emily and definitely seasonal colours for the soho line including the discos to be on sale and throw in a couple of bostons in there too. lol