?GG black fabric

  1. Is the black GG f bric similar to the fabric that Coach has on their black fabric bags? Like the texture? Does the fabric hold up?I want to purchase the new britt med hobo in the cruise collection. Either want the gg black fabric or the beige ebony fabric with dk brown leather(is this usual canvas on all bags that gucci makes?) I would love some help in my decision. Thanks:idea:
  2. hey, i dont no the answer to your coach question but beige v black! well i have a wallet which is black fabric and bag which is beige! i LOVE my bag, however im REALLY scared of setting it down etc.. and getting marks on it!
    I recently got the wallet so i havent really got used to it yet however i love the way it'll show the GG in some lights and just look like a black wallet in some!
    personally i cant wait to get a black GG bag now! :biggrin: go for black :biggrin:
  3. I have the Gucci Tote from the Cruise collection in beige ebony -- I spray coated it and it has been good so far.
  4. what did you use to coat it?
  5. what did you use to coat it?
  6. I have a beige fabric messenger bag that has been used and abused...there was even a large denim stain on the backside from a denim jacket...but I used Shout and scrubbed it out (I was desperate!) and it came out. I think that the fabric is durable, but it will wear and tear from constant use, black or beige, and you will see the edges of the bag getting frayed or rubbed raw from the bag rubbing on your clothes, body, etc.
  7. I honestly don't think that gucci fabric is nearly as durable as coach. I only have one small black fabric gg pochette but a lot of coach...so I may be biased. The gucci seems far more fragile.

    But I do LOVE the look of Gucci -- so I guess I'd just get the one that you like best and be careful with it:smile:
  8. Is the black GG fabric like the canvas on monogram LV? or like to Coach fabric? My mom has a vintage GG blue/ivory(i don't know what the name of the bag), it looks like canvas. For a first Gucci, black or the classic brown?
  9. I have the large black bag with the braided leather handles (I can't think of the name of the bag) If you're a little rough with your bags you might be better off with the black. Good luck!
  10. You are going to laugh at me but I used the same spray I used on my sneakers that I got from Foot Locker -- it never marred the fabric and the water rolls off.
  11. I have both the brown gg and black gg. They really both serve a different function. So I guess it depends on which would match your wardrobe best. I do however love the look of the brown. Also they both seem to be holding up fine.