GG belt question

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  1. B85B58BB-DA06-4583-87B6-1B4655019A1B.jpeg E80D7EEF-EAA7-42E7-B6AC-825317543D84.jpeg 684E7002-7F6D-4E02-AA03-0FCA08D6DC27.jpeg 684E7002-7F6D-4E02-AA03-0FCA08D6DC27.jpeg Can anyone tell me if this is normal? My belt does not seem to fit!?! If I can at it this way?
    It does not sit straight and there is a gap pretty much everywhere although it is tight.. does tours do this too?

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  2. Sorry for he weird pic placement vs text..
    Is the gap normal?
  3. From what I see, I’m guessing your jeans have a large front button that is pushing out the buckle therefore creating a visible gap. I’ve had a similar issue with certain pants that have larger / rounded buttons.
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  4. The button is normal Size, and it does the same on other jeans as well:sad: