GG Beige Fabric question

  1. I am thinking about purchasing my fist Gucci, but I have one question for all of you with a GG Beige Fabric bag. Does it begin to fade after while. Whenever i see someone carry one, i notice that it appears the fabric is fading. My friend just bought a bag 2 months ago, and it looks like it is fading already,.
  2. ^ I have many of these bags...NEVER ever have I seen or heard of them fading..Maybe she leaves it in the sun baking in her car???LOL????
  3. Same... some of my Guccis are a couple of years old and no fading!
  4. I agree...I have not experienced fading on any of mine either.
  5. Weird. I was in a store last night, and i was up close to a women's bag, and hers was also fading. I also thought i read somewhere on this board, someone also stating the same thing. Okay, Thanks all.
  6. Mine hasn't started fading.
  7. Nope, the fact that i've sent my bag to the cleaners. No fading.
  8. nope no fading at all!
  9. Could it be an allusion-- how the fabric turns (like a curve) and it looks MUCH lighter? That could be what you're seeing. I'm not sure how clear I've explained it but you could definitely browse the Gucci Collection thread and see it there and know if that's what you're seeing or not.
  10. mine looks NEW .. Bought it in April 05
  11. the canvas doesn't fade, but it definetely gets darker with use...(maybe just dirtier...):whistle:
    using a lot one of my guccis i noticed that after a while if you use it a lot to carry heavy things it starts to wear at the edges or where it has attrition.

    I used so much my gucci man's bag (even to carry my laptop) that the stitching near where it had most attrition with belts broke, but it was very easily repaired by my mom...
  12. I am going to try to get some pics to show you guys, what I am refering to. But you all have been very helpful. Thanks. I would hate to spend 1250.00 on a bag that fades.
  13. I've had one for almost a year & NOPE, no fading. I did spray mine w/ Scothguard before I wore it also.