Geurida Dr Lim Soo Seong DES Review


Jul 21, 2020
Hi all,

This is my review of Geurida.
You'll know me from the kakao chats!^^

I had my DES done here. To be transparent with you all, I have, by this point in time, received a discount. And so I am writing this review. However, I will write an honest review to the best ability I can, and I will definitely not lie, but please note I can not disclose some matters because of legal and personal reasons (for example: surgery prices, my nationality....). So I ask everyone to be understanding! :heart:

Without further ado, I went to multiple consults and I was having a hard time finding places which could do eyes naturally. I actually came to know about Geurida because of this: .. and so I booked a consultation!


1. First time arrival.
  • I came, they gave me a Korean form. I filled it in. Then they gave me a second Korean form that had even harder words. I could have probably filled it I with the help of a dictionary but I was getting tired – but the consultant came over and said I don’t need to do it and then I can just come for consultation with her now. Another staff member came over and asked if I wasn’t going to fill in the second form and the Consultant said no. What a good sense of customer management and what good customer service.
  • Consultant Choi talked to me about what I wanted and patiently spoke to me despite my broken Korean.
  • Then shortly after, Consultant Choi left and Dr Lim Soo Seung arrived. Again, I was speaking in Korean, but at one point he admitted he spent some time in America (I think he grew up in America?) and so he could actually understand what I was saying in English, thankfully. I would say, he speaks softly and he is a sort of next-door neighbour nice boy type. You can watch a video of how he speaks here: and here:
  • The only thing I would say, is that he smiles more in the first youtube video than he did in our consultations. Please smile more, Dr Lim, lol.
  • He suggested non-incisional only. When I said what about medial canthoplasty after showing him my ideal pictures, he said ‘yes but...’ in korean and I didn’t actually understand, haha. I also said that one of my eyes looked weaker than the other and he said ‘I can do ptsosis correction but...’ and again, I did not understand (yes, I should have brought an interpreter!). He does 20-40 eye surgeries a week, Geurida is well known for eyes, and Dr Lim, despite only 5-6 years in eye surgery, actually mostly does revision cases.

2. Second time arrival.
  • I visited this clinic, I hadn’t actually booked a reservation (misunderstanding) and the clinic was packed. Consultant Choi said I’d have to wait an hour. During this time, she went to console a client sitting on the sofa, I’m not sure what was said, but her voice sounded sympathetic and comforting. The client left shortly afterwards. Then she asked me to come with her, and revealed that actually the clinic is packed and they had no reservations left. But she will make allowances for me. Then she showed me photos of before and after. And I wasn’t actually sure about Dr Im’s experience, so I asked about Dr Lee's availability for surgery (Dr Lee previously from topface, quite famous). Consultant Choi asked if I didn’t want to consult with Dr Lee first instead of just asking for a surgery slot. I said no, and she laughed and nudged me asked ‘why not, haha?’. She needs a promotion and a raise. Good easy-going humour.

3. Third time arrival.
  • Nothing much to say here, I just wanted to decide between Dr Lee and Dr Lim. They have a policy, where if you consult with another doctor at the same clinic, and decide to go with the clinic for surgery, you must choose the last Dr you had consultation with. I am not sure of the reason because again my korean is broken, lol.
  • I decided on Dr Lim from talking to Consultant Choi. Yeah.... ask for her if you got Geurida for a consultation. She is good. Bring an interpreter though!

4. Surgery.
  • So from those who read what I say on the kakao talk group chat, you'll know I'm late to everything. The surgery day was also not an exception. Also, lol, the staff see me every time and without even needing me to speak first, they say my name already. Anyways, I pay and go get dressed. All good. I go see Dr Lim and he designs my eyes. I reiterate 'you know what I want, right? Natural, no sausage..' in korean and replies 'yes, natural-looking, no sausage eyes' in English. Thank the lord Dr Lim knows English loool.
  • Actually two consultants from a different hospital said Dr Lim made the line very prettily. Me being oblivious to the art of eye surgery don't know. I just want it to heal and get to (a hopefully pretty) final result!

Reason why I chose Geurida: Bottom Line
  • Consultant Choi personality is friendly
  • Dr Lim good soft way of speaking
  • Did not over-recommend me anything, even though I am probably one their one-off foreigner visits (that's why I liked Dr Lim)
  • Known for natural look
  • Dr Lim does revision cases a lot
  • Prices good

Here are my eyes (Day 1).

For anyone interested. On the flickr, I wrote the korean name of the clinic. You can research on gangnam unnie/babitalk by copying and posting the name onto there. Geurida means 'to draw'. As for the youtube videos... maybe you can use an app which does speech to text, then translate. It will give you an insight into Dr Lim's thought process. There are also other doctors' interview on youtube!

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Sep 16, 2019
Thanks so much for sharing and providing such detailed information (and making an awesome guide shared in the kkt chats)! Wishing you the best in your recovery and looking forward to your updates.


Jul 21, 2020
Thank you for posting a review. You look great for day 1. Please keep us updated with your results

Thanks so much for sharing and providing such detailed information (and making an awesome guide shared in the kkt chats)! Wishing you the best in your recovery and looking forward to your updates.
Haha, who are you on the Kakao chat? And thanks, hope the guide helped you!


Jul 21, 2020
Hello all

It has been a bit more than 3 months since DES at Grida.

Here is my final update:

1 month update:
3 month photo update:

I think it has stabilized now and my double eyelid height won't change. I think Dr Im said 10mm or 11mm during the design, but I forget. Overall pleased because I already had double eyelids but it would hide and disappear irregularly, whereas now it never disappears. There was scarring on both inner corners, but the one on the left eye has become near to invisible, and the one on the right eye has receded by about 50%, so I hope it continues to fade.

Thanks all for reading. Have a good day and I hope 2020 is going great for you while it still can :smile:

PS. most likely not going to answer any questions on this thread. feel free to PM me for details, but can't promise I'll answer all :smile: