*GettinPurseonal meets TejasMama*

  1. We got together at the outlet today and we each got some goodies!! I had intended to do a return, but ended up doing more of an exchange...got a vintage leather soho hobo for $160 and the comic strip charm was a steal at $39!!!

    It was great to meet you, TejasMama, and do some shoppin'. She was a cutie, warm and friendly, and her kids are beautiful, ya'll! I saw pics. Anybody else from San Antonio or San Marcos want to join us next time?? Maybe a Coach "show and tell"?
    hobo.jpg COMICfob.jpg
  2. Aw thats cool that yall got together and did that. And WOW what a steal on that comic book keyfob:nuts:
  3. that's so neat! i wish i didn't live all by myself way out here in wisconsin. it'd be fun to meet up with some of the girls in here and do a little shopping!

    great deal on the comic book charm!
  4. I had so much fun meeting you!

    She is beautiful, put together and very kind. She was also very helpful in keeping me on my ban (just got the Vintage Ergo hobo that I got for PCE but cheaper)..I was definitely tempted by a couple of things!

    Gettinpursenal--we forgot about the milkshakes! Maybe next time?:tup:
  5. Awwww, that is so great you guys! You both are so nice I'm glad you had fun and I love the vintage hobo!!:yahoo:
  6. Are you freakin' kidding me?! The comic fob is at the outlets for only $39??!!
    Oh, sorry, lost my head for a minute. It's great when tPFer's can meet up for some totally shallow, obsessive fun!
  7. I live in Decatur, TX and travel to San Antonio several times a year (to visit family). Actually planning a trip sometime in July. Would love to make a stop at the outlet in San Marcus....after all it is one the way.:yahoo:
  8. Good job sticking to your ban!

    Gettinpurseonal, thanks for being my surrogate! I wish I had a tPF buddy local to keep me reasonable the times I go off the deep end.

    Glad you had a lovely time!

  9. Glad you guys have a good time at the outlet...

    Love your haul GP!!
  10. Sounds like fun!!
    I'm up in Dallas- we should arrange a DFW get together!! Plenty of places we could meet!
  11. I'm JEALOUS!!!!!! I need a shopping buddy from tPF on Long Island!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yeah for you guys!! I had a ball meeting Heath-kkf, Bags4Bubbles, JAG and for the life of me I can't remember the others screen names....Amanda and Ann!!

    It is wonderful to put a face with a name.
    Love your Key Fob, fun!
  13. I almost forgot - TejasMama found a vintage Ergo for $100 less than her PCE deal!! So she got it - but it doesn't count because she is going to return her other one and save $100! Any of you here in Tejas, be sure to keep my name handy and PM me if you are going to be in town (San Antonio or Austin) and we can meet. I think I will get started on a get-together - at a restaurant? What do you think TejasMama? Oh, and yes, we need to get our milkshakes - I have had too much on my mind lately. We saw a girl with a white Fendi Spy Bag at Coach. It was beautiful and I complimented her - wonder if it was real - she was in her 20's or 30's I think and those things are $1000-$3000! I want one!!
  14. Great deals! And how fun... meeting another TPFer!!! Esp Tejas... she is a sweetheart! :tup:
  15. I am so glad that you girls has a great time on your shopping spree! I wish that I lived in Texas to join up with you. Aaaah well, as my son would say. Thanks for sharing all your goodies with us. Congrats on your finds as well!