Getting your initials put on your LV at the boutique....

  1. i want to know, if I bought something from ELUX - can I still take it to the LV boutique and get my initals heatstamped on the luggage tag - even though I didn't purchase it from the store? Just curious....thanks!:confused1:
  2. Im sure it can be done.
  3. yup! :biggrin:
  4. But of course!! As long as it's authentic...they should do it for you. :yes:
  5. Not a problem at all, not all of them do it in house, sometimes it needs to be sent out :smile:
  6. Do you know if there are any stores in CA that have it in store? Sorry after three years just beginning to find out about the heatstamping. And how many letters will they do?
  7. Sorry I dunno anything about LVs inthe USA, but I htink the max is 3 letters.:yes:
  8. it scares me....idk. i would def have to go somewhere that did it in house....i can never part with my stuff. hahah but i would like to get my agenda heat stamped