Getting your Chanel bags cleaned?

  1. Is it true that you can get your bags cleaned at Chanel boutiques? I read somewhere that they send them out and clean/condition them? Is that true?
  2. likeafeather77, I read on the main handbag thread about a place and apparently it is possible to restore and clean the bags too. on Chanel) and on the BBag thread was mentioned.

    There's also Arturo's Leather Repair in Beverly Hills, California and Angelo's in NYC too, both are highly recommended. HTH
  3. They told me a the Chanel Boutique that you can bring them and they will send them off to be cleaned. So yes, they will do this. I don't know the price of a cleaning though.
  4. Thank you!
  5. I heard a good cleaning up of your bag will run upwards of $250. That's what I was quoted at the boutique.
  6. I thought the boutiques sent them to be cleaned for free..

    It's been raining for almost a weeks straight in VA and I almost had a heart attack when my large beige Cambon got poured on yesterday. I immediately called my Chanel SA and she told me to bring it in for "inspection" in case she needed to send it off. She said it would be free of charge. Maybe costs are up to the SAs?
  7. Really?! I specifically didn't send mine in because of the cost! Maybe you're a better customer than I am!