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  1. :sweatdrop: I am getting worried about my Blue Roi Kelly. The seller said she would mail it either this last week or today but I haven't heard anything. No email. No Bag. It seems I've been waiting so long to hear something. What should I do? I don't want to bug her but I want my bag.:sweatdrop: :hysteric:
  2. This is awful. I would call her and just tell her you are scared about the large purchase and need reassuring that all is well. You shouldn't feel guilty about checking in.
  3. ITA gazoo
  4. I agree call her now. If it hasn't been sent I would certainly expect a good explanation before trying to getting this purchase reversed.
  5. Purselover, I wouldn't worry. The seller is a lovely member of TPF, and she is very responsive so she must have a good reason for not getting back to you. I am sure your Kelly is on its way to you.
  6. good gad, purse lover -- i told you it would tough for me to get to the post office before today because i work m- f, but that i would try my best and let you know when it went out.

    i just returned from going to the supermarket, the post office, the tack shop and all the other saturday morning erands -- which included mailing your bag. so i log on to check messages and send you a note that it went out and i see that instead of "bugging" me with a private message you've decided that making it public would be a better course. :confused1:
  7. Sorry for any trouble I have caused but this bag was a big purchase for me and I was just worried. I truly apologize. I just needed some reassuring from the gals.:flowers:
  8. YAY all is well! Before you know you will have your new bag and you can post pics so we can all drool on our keyboards.

    Dressage Queen: please don't take offense at our comments/concern. We all mean well.

    Sitting here in envy and admiration of your new blue roi Kelly.
  9. no offense at all, gazoo -- it would have been the exact advice i would give to someone. i just felt the need to explain because lots of folks know this bag is coming from me and it sounds like i've been ignoring messages, which i haven't. i don't want my tPF buddies to think i'm a deadbeat. :crybaby:

    purse lover, some gentle advice: i know exactly how you feel -- that great/awful pins-and-needles feeling waiting for your package to arrive. but people don't always remeber WHAT the fuss was about, just THAT there was a concern about a particular seller -- and it can put them off from buying from that seller. so until it's clear there's really a problem keeping it private is generally better. (i don't plan on selling much, but i'd hate for people to think of me and wonder whether i'm OK to buy from.)

    anyway, your package went out insured priority mail this morning, so i'm hoping you'll have it by tuesday. just wait 'til you see it in person -- it's dreamy! :heart: model it and take some pix for us!
  10. I guess every seller is different but as a buyer I would want daily communication with my seller at least till my package has been taken to the post office and I was made aware of a tracking number. Even if it is 2 or 3 days between emails that is an eternity to someone waiting for not only the package to arrive but a VERY expensive one at that! JMO
  11. I didn't take this thread this way. She was looking for advice! Until you came forward I didn't even know who you were! I would have done the same thing as a buyer. I am glad all worked out!

    Please post pics of your new gem! Congrats!:flowers:
  12. Dress, you aren't a deadbeat, you contacted her! I would purchase from you in a heartbeat.
  13. No worries!

    Sometimes postman try to slack a little. The anxiety get you quicker than you expected. Anyhow, I can't wait to see your Blue Roi Kelly.
  14. Can't wait to see the pics!
  15. glad things worked out positively :smile:

    pics when ur beauty arrives plz:love:
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