getting water stains out of barenia

  1. ok, so you guys know i bought the barenia bracelet. the first day i wore it i ruined it by getting pasta sauce or something maybe salad dressing on it. QM was awesome and gave me some tips to get it out. i tried water, baby powder and finally cornstarch. it's not gone but it's much better and i'm sure will blend in as it darkens.


    the last time i did the cornstarch i left it wet too long and now there are 2 big water marks. i tried rewetting just those watermarks tonight and now it's worse on one side. i don't know what to do. i don't think there's anything to do to make it better and i'm worried that those won't go away as it ages. and i'm worried about trying too much because i think i've already put too much stress on it and particularly the stitching. it's not coming up per se but i saw a few little threads up.

    i am such a mess. this is why i should not have nice things. anyone have any advice? other than stepping away from the bracelet?
  2. Sorry, hlfinn that this has happened. You most probably have to bring it in to your store for 'repair' and cleaning.

    Just last week when I went out with the SG girls for dinner, I dropped a strand of fried noodle on my barenia Evelyne. It was alot of oil on one single, short strand.

    A week on, the stain has gradually disappeared. I'm not touching it with any cleaning agent in fear of it getting worse. I think over time, it will disappear in the natural darkening process. What I will do in a couple of weeks is to give it very good rubs on the same spot and see what happens.

    I'm interested to see what others do with their soiled barenia.
  3. Oh H, that's a kind of distressing thing to happen. With my barenia bags and my barenia watch strap, which have all at some point been dripped on by oil or grease, I didn't use any special products. No special technique other than rubbing at the stain with my fingers. After doing this for some time, the stains do seem to eventually blend in to the rest of the leather. As the leather darkens, depending on the stain, it may simply 'vanish' as the leather develops its patina.

    *fingers crossed for you, though*
  4. wear it every day, and in a couple months you won't be able to see it. really -- that's what's so amazing about barenia. just wear it and it will be fine. all those layers of marks and scratches are what become the beautiful patina. the breaking in phase can be a bit of an ugly duckling stage, but it turns into a swan.

    to help it along, you can rub it -- while you're watching TV, at your desk or whatever. the friction, heat and skin oils help the patina along.
  5. So glad that you have posted, DQ. I know you would know BEST! A lot of your equestrian stuff are made in Barenia, aren't they?
  6. I guess you must learn to love that 'lived in' look lol! I have the same bracelet and think I treated it with a spray before wearing - I know it's not recommended but was worried about it and figured it was small - it seems to be okay but I haven't worn it a lot...I do love it though! Think of it like your bracelet can tell your stories lol!!! Well this stain was from that great pasta dinner I had.......
  7. why, thanks mrs.s! hermes does make a barenia saddle, but it's not one of their standard items. they tend to use buffalo for the parts of the saddle that need a soft leather (like the seat for DQ's patootie), and calf or porc for the more rigid parts (flaps etc). barenia instead of buffalo would be lovely, but if they can't come up with enough hides to make bags there's probably not enough available for saddles.

    barenia is rather like old, well cared for and fully broken in saddle or bridle leather -- like a bridle that's been handed down through generations and has become beautifully patinated and velvety. but for tack they seem just to use regular leathers and let us break it in ourselves. but i still consider barenia a saddlery leather because it behaves just like one, even if it's not actually used much for saddles.
  8. so i should just leave it alone? was i stupid to mess with it in the first place? it was really bad when it first happened. now you can barely see it unless you're looking for it. it's still cone shaped but the edges of it are less defined. it's just the water lines that are bugging me. i did wear it twice since then though...
  9. Yes, leave it alone for a bit, but keep wearing and rubbing it. See how it is in a few months and if you are not happy with how it is...patinating (???) then take it to H.
  10. yup, i agree with pepper -- don't 'treat' it - just wear it and rub it. you COULD put a light coat of one of the hermes products on it, but i really don't think that's necessary -- and too much conditioning can darken the leather too quickly.

    wear it and love it, and all will be well!
  11. ok thanks guys! i really feel better now that the initial stain is lighter. when i wore it today i was even able to cross it over at that point so you really didn't see it. i plan to wear the heck out of it. lol!
  12. H, a few months ago I convinced a friend to get a Barenia Cape Cod. I explained the leather to her but she was not happy when she got a waterspot on it is pretty much gone now.
  13. i knew most things like scratches and water came out- thank you hg! lol- but i wasn't sure about oily stains and not sure why the water stained instead of just drying. all in all i love it though and am very happy with it. i'm glad to hear it's pretty much gone on your friend's barenia.