Getting veneers in South Korea?

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  1. I am planning on going to South Korea this summer for rhinoplasty and I am also considering veneers. They are very expensive in my country and I wasn't able to find any information about dental clinics in Seoul. Is it a good idea to get it done in South Korea and do you have any clinics to recommend ?
  2. hello,
    when you are asking if it is a good idea to get rhinoplasty and veneer are you asking?
    1. If it is good to get it both in one visit?
    2. or at one place? if it is one place i recommend going to a big clinic where they do surgery and dental?
    3. or are you asking about the pricing?
  3. p.s you would have to get re-touched after 6months (doctors recommendation) but after one session if you are not a smoker you can see a huge difference.
    my thoughts if you are getting it done in one clinic you could ask for a package deal. Hope that was helpful
  4. Sorry I wasn't more clear. I know SK is considered the best when it comes to facial plastic surgery, but not for BA for example (preferable to get it done in America), and I haven't heard anything about getting veneers in SK. It is probably cheaper than getting it done in Canada but I was wondering if SK is good when it comes to cosmetic dentistry?

    I would prefer going to a place where they are specialized in the procedure and not a big clinic that does everything... I shortlisted three clinics for rhinoplasty and none of them offer cosmetic dentistry.

    I was wondering which are the well-known dental clinics...
  5. Where are the three clinics that you have shortlisted for rhinoplasty if i may ask.
    Dentistry is quite expensive in Korea but considerably cheaper than Canada. Wonjin, Oracle, there are more but i cant think of any atm has cosmetic dentistry. Zea, Tu Myug there are also more but i cant think of any atm are cosmetic dentistry.
    Universitiy hospitals in Korea SNU, Severance, ST Mary's ETC have dental, i am not sure about the pricing but both clinics and hospitals would be cheaper than Canada.
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