Getting veiny from working out

  1. Does this happen to anyone else?? Its just so :throwup: This happens to me every time I begin to get back into shape, after I've been weight lifting for a little while I become more vascular. All of the sudden veins are bulging all on my hands, and going up my forearm.
    I'm not sure if anyone here has ever noticed Sarah Jessica Parkers veins from watching Sex and the City, well mine aren't that bad, but it gives you an idea of what's happening to me.

    Also, right now, and I have no idea when I got this thing, but in the top middle of my right had there is this teeny bulge in between my forfinger and middle finger tendons and for example...when I put my hand under the water from a shower to test the temp. before I get in...when the water touches it, it feels like a funny-bone going off throughout my hand! So anything that brushes up against it, its really sensitive and gross and makes me want to puke every time it happens.

    Any ideas on what this might be?
  2. I think as you build more muscle, more veins are needed to circulate oxygen throughout.
  3. *ugh maybe I need to stick to cardio.
  4. This is so weird...the same thing has been bugging me for the past few months. My hands, lower arms, and calves all have veins sticking out of them. The weird thing is that I barely work out... 20 minutes of Pilates a day is the only formal exercise I get.

    I don't get it...if veins start bulging because they need to deliver more oxygen to the muscles, then I don't understand why it's happening to my hands... I don't exactly have muscular hands; they're just plain bony.
  5. I know!! I'm guessing some people are just more prone to it than others. I remember a few years back losing a bunch of weight and this disgusting blue vein showed up on my right temple! I had to put concealer over it.
  6. right after i do push ups i will have the veins just popping out of my wrists and my hands. i get so veiny that some days it hurts to type...
  7. Ooh that sucks! Do you also notice that when its hot they stick out more, and when its freezing out they go away?
  8. Are you drinking enough? I got veiny on my hands and feet when I started really working hard with my new trainer, and when she saw it she said it was dehydration. Sure enough, upping my water intake took care of it.
  9. Hmmm...good question. Pretty much all I drink is water, and really in my opinion its tons of it. I do drink a few coffee's a day, so that is dehydrating. But I drink water constantly, and I know for sure because I have to use the washroom so darn much!:yes:
  10. My mom's friend has this thing too...she rarely exercise and has a great bod, so she didnt realize she was having this "abnormality" until she gave birth to her first daughter. Then after that, a little bit of lifting weights or workout (losing baby pounds) caused her the veins bulging up almost everywhere..especially hands, forehead...calves.
    her doctor told her she got this ....i dont know, i cant really say it's a disease. have anyone tried asking their doctors?
  11. I have not asked my doctor, but perhaps I will. I haven't previously because it was never a health concern, just an annoyance, and yucky looking. I only have them on my arms and hands though. What your mom's friend went through, more than likely is some varicose or spider veins from being pregnant, which happens.
  12. I also drink PLENTY of water. I just try to limit the push ups because so far that is the only thing that causes them. I guess the veins just get bigger to let more blood flow to those areas of the body. Try getting a massage, that will relax the body and allow more blood to flow also.