Getting used to higher heels?

  1. I consider my self pretty good at wearing heels, but now have my eyes on a knock off pair oc CL's that have a five inch heel! Any advice on how to master those shoes?
  2. Carefully? J/K, I avoid heels over 3".

    But for high heels between 4 to 6 inches -- go with 1 full shoe size larger. Also decide if you want open or closed toed shoes, and practice standing in them to see how well you adjust. About 15 minutes a day should do it. Once you have that down, you can practice walking and working up to longer stretches at a time.

    It can be a pretty big adjustment for your feet, so make sure you give them a break and go with flats in-between. Practice walking and standing at night, too, when your feet have swelled more after being on them all day.
  3. Wow...5 inches...I don't think I'd be able to walk in those. I usually don't go any higher than 3 1/2 for fear that I'll fall on my face:shame:
  4. That's what I always do too, when I get heels that are higher than what I am used to; walk around in them at home for a while. It usually works! :yes:
  5. Same here. Plus, I also go up a half or full size as another post recommended.

    I have some new Gucci open toe clogs with 4 1/2" heels that I am wearing around the house. Weather isn't good yet here to try them outside. I have a townhouse so I get to practice stairs, too. Believe me, I won't wear these on shopping excursions as much as I'd love to.

    In general I go no higher than about 3" for pumps or boots. I have some platforms which are a little higher but admittedly by the end of the day my feet are a little tired.
  6. I did go up in size. I ordered1/2 size bigger! They look os cool on! Love them:yahoo:
  7. A lot of it depends on the way the heel is made and shaped. Also, 5" might not be as high as it sounds if you have a platform. I love high heels. Might be because I'm so short I need all the help I can get.
  8. Platforms definitely help at that height.

    1) Practice at home
    2) bring other shoes with you. I am wearing 4 inch heels today, but brought ballet flats with me to switch to if my feet get tired.
  9. I'm trying to wear heels more often, but my feet and legs hurt so much mid-day. Any tips on how to make wearing heels a painless experience? I know this might sound like a stupid question, but I really want to wear heels most of the time and it feels like my body can't manage it! :cursing:
  10. I have the same problem, only with my feet. The balls ache so much & burn. I had a felt insole made with a cut out under the ball below the big toe so it is not touching the sole & this really helps for high heeled boots but cannot be worn with shoes.
  11. Have you tried foot petals?
  12. Does this happen when you wear all your heels? I was going to say, maybe it's just your shoe..otherwise you can try gel soles to help with comfort.
  13. My advice is, (but then again I wear heels often, and modeled) to wear them around the house for about an hour or two a day, sounds stupid, but do it. You'll stretch the shoes out, and your feet and legs will get used to the extra muscles being stretched and used, and you will feel more confident in them.
  14. alanalovechanel: That's a great idea! I'm going to do that for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference! Thanks.
  15. I completely agree with alanalovechanel - the only way to get used to really adapt to heels to the point that they're actually comfortable is to wear them - a lot!! I've always been a heel person, but I also used to have pain in the ball of my foot when I would wear them until I started my first professional job and began wearing them everyday to work.