Getting URL info on Apple comp

  1. Hope this is in the right place...

    I have been trying to post pics, and I can post as an attachment, but have problems posting the actual pic in the message.

    I have a MacBook and I'm not sure how to get the URL info I would need for the pic posting function. Any advice?
  2. Go to the forum that is labeled "Feedback Dropbox". There is a long thread on posting pics and if you don't find a solution you can post your question--Vlad or someone knowledgeable will answer. Good luck!

  3. thank you:yes:
  4. I don't know if I got this right, but I'll try and help anyways :smile:

    OK, I'm on a powerbook, so I don't know how things have changed with the macbook, but whenever I upload my pics, I go to imageshack and uploads whatever pic I need. Then when the pic is uploaded I hold down the ctrl button while pressing the click-thing on the touchpad while the arrow is over the pic. Then there should be a menu where you can chose something like "copy image location" or something.
    Then I go to tpf to write my post where I post my images, which I do by clicking the image icon in the editor here at the forum. Then when the prompt for "insert url" appears, I use the apple button + V to paste it.
  5. After you upload your pictures to imageshack or photobucket, copy the url with cmd (apple key) + C and when you enter the post, press the image icon and enter the url with cmd (apple key) + V to paste. Good luck.
  6. [​IMG]

    did it work????
  7. SWEET!! thank you both sooo much!!