getting tonsils removed...?

  1. last time i had tonsilitis, my doctor said if it happened again, my tonsils were going to have to be removed (i get tonsilitis about 4-6 times a year).

    so now i can feel myself getting sick again and i just know that's what it is. i'll head back to the doctor in the next few days or so...but i am absolutely TERRIFIED of having my tonsils removed. and i know that's stupid because it's a routine procedure- but i am shaking just at the THOUGHT of it.

    i've looked up stuff online...and it seems like it's mostly something they do for kids. as an adult (21), i'm sorta freaked because i keep reading how much harder it is for adults, etc.

    reassurance that this will go okay would be nice...or that i'm overreacting over nothing (feel free to just slap some sense into me...)
  2. Oh poor you my friend! Don't feel scared. My dad had them removed when he was I think in his 30's or something, he said the first few days were bad, and then he just had to rest.
  3. Listen up! I just went through this last summer, when I was 30. I was SO scared too. I did a lot of online research and it really didn't make me feel any better about it. I had the coblation procedure done, I think that is how is it done for everyone these days.

    It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, and I am SOOOOO glad that I had it done!! I'd had horrible big nasty tonsils all of my life and I was so tired of sore throats, infections and the gross tonsils. The procedure was quick and I went home 2 hours later. I was given liquid Lortab for pain relief. It really helped. I lived off of individual applesauce cups and Campbell's Soup At Hand. You will not feel like eating anything the first week, but you will have to eat something so you can tolerate the pain meds. You will be in pain, but it is not THAT bad. It is basically like having a bad sore throat. It gets better after the first week. It is so worth it, all of the pain is worth it.

    Getting my nasty tonsils out changed my whole life. I am so much healthier, and I am so glad I had it done. Please ask me any questions, I would be happy to answer them. When I was looking for info, I really wanted to talk to another adult that had gotten their tonsils out, and I couldn't find anyone.

    Get it done! Eventually you will be glad you did!
  4. Once you get it done, you wont have to worry any more! Plus, as a treat, maybe you can get an i-need-to-feel-better-bag/accessory
  5. lorib, you are easing my fears...

    the problem is that i am a wimp when it comes to pain now. i'm sure its psychological (another great thing from my ex, who told me last time i was in the hospital that i was "faking it for attention". oh yeah, love to fake icu stuff...anyways...). i know i'll probably be pretty drugged up to tolerate it, but even that scares me. there is just no logical time to do it until school is out and i just cant miss school.

    and besides that, i think i'm more worried about my parents. they dont seem to be very sympathetic when i'm sick...

    i'm definately tired of sore throats and those disgusting antibiotics i get all the time...argh...

    (and yes, batgirl, this WILL call for "feel better" stuff...)
  6. he said that to you :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: that is just beyond JERK

    i hope you feel better and if you do have to get some antibiotics, once you are off of them eat the yogurt called 'activa' because that will put back probiotics (the good bacteria) in your body
  7. oh yes. he was a jerk. and that little comment is actually very low on the list of things he did to piss me off.

    i feel so gross right now you guys...i know i have a fever, it hurts to swallow...
  8. awww im really :sad: to hear that your :sick: and i know you feel :yucky: right now, but itll all get better.
  9. My tonsils used to get infected multiple times a year when I was a kid. My doctor said getting them removed could become a reality someday. The tonsils issues subsided for years. Well last week they got infected with a vengence. The whole time I was sitting there in pain wishing I had gotten them removed when I was a kid.
  10. The last straw for me was last May, around Mother's Day. My tonsils swelled so large that they were touching each other in the middle! They were purple and had white crud all over them, and the pain was absolutely unbearable. My temp got up to 104 and the chills and throat pain were worse than any sickness I'd ever had. I finally decided that I would NEVER have another tonsil infection and made an appt. with an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. I had my tonsils removed in early June and it took me about 3 weeks to get back to normal but only about 10 days to feel a lot better.

    When you read info online, you always hear horror stories about post op bleeding and pain, all the bad stuff. Well, the reason that you see all this bad stuff online is because when people have a GOOD experience they don't write about it, it's only the BAD experiences that get written about. My experience was good and I assure you, the pain is not THAT bad. You will get through it, and it will be worth it.

    When I woke up from my surgery, I felt great! I was able to eat a popsicle and drink a cold soda right away. I was still numb from surgery. So don't worry about waking up, you will feel fine. The next day, the pain and swelling was worse and the pain continued to get worse for the next 3-4 days. That is just how it is, the pain gets worse before it gets better. But once you "round the corner" you will start to rapidly get better.

    There is no reason to suffer with bad tonsils, you don't have to!
  11. I'm 33 & I've needed to do this for YEARS! My tonsils are a nightmare. Just finding the time to be out of commission with 2 little ones is the only thing making me put it off. I got Strep (first time ever...) over Christmas & I thought I was going to die. My tonsils were bleeding & yup, that lovely white stuff:yucky:

    Lori, glad to hear you had a good experience. Yes, I've researched online & I shouldn't have:s lol
  12. OMg I am so glad this guy is your ex, keep it that way & I so hope that your parents will be sympathetic & supportive.

    You will feel so much better after the surgery & you can stop taking those awful antibiotics that are ruining your immune system. Good luck!
  13. acegirl....I have a 5 yr old daughter and I did have her stay the night with her granny the first night, but after that I was fine to take care of her.
  14. Think of the ice cream you'll get to eat! (And the doctor might give you some choice painkillers.)

    I checked my textbook for any information that might help you, but it's mostly just technical stuff.
  15. Actually, ice cream didn't work out for me. Anything with milk in it seemed to stick in my throat and coat it with yuckiness. Hard to explain, but I avoided milk products the first couple of weeks.