Getting to the Prime Outlet Mall near the Niagara falls!!!

  1. guys, i'm planning on going to the Prime Outlet Mall near the Niagara falls. I live in Canada close to Toronto and i've never been to the States.:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
    Couple questions...

    Getting to the Niagara Falls is no problem, but is it hard to find that outlet mall after i cross the border?? Me driving, alone?? i have a G2.. All of my friends are really rich so i dont want them to know that i'm going to get purses from outlets not from butiques..:push:

    if i go to that outlet, get a couple of purses from Coach and Burberry, am i gonna get in trouble when crossing the border to come back to Canada?? :yucky: (cause i got new bags..?)
    cause i know, crossing border to US is really hard. they ask u so many questions and it takes forever to get finally to the states.

    and when is a good time to get great deals there???

    thanks for ur help guys:heart:
  2. I went to the outlets on a Monday and they had just put there new Spring floor out.

    Stay on Niagara Falls BLVD til you cross the 190 junction. Military Road is like the 3rd interesction. Then your going to make a left. And it's on the left.

    I went into Burberry and none of their purses really caught my eye. But that's just me.

    I hope you find some good stuff I know I did when i went!

    Hope that helped.

    Go here and it tells you how to get there from Toronto:

    Down towards the bottom.

    Hope that helps

  3. I was actually there last weekend & I also live in Toronto too :yahoo:

    The outlet is actually really close to the border about a 10 min drive.

    The burberry outlet didn't have too much in terms of purses but the Coach outlet had some nice stuff. One of my friends actually had a really small purse & ended up buying a big purse at Coach so she just put her small purse in her new purse & ripped off the tags & didn't declare the purse. I don't know if you feel comfortable doing that but it is an idea. Have fun

  4. Good idea!! so rip the price tag and pretend as if u had it even before the trip!!:yahoo:
    Just one more question, i heard some outlets close to butiques dont have signiture totes. is that true? when u went there last week, did u not see any signiture items??
    Thank you!!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  5. When traveling between Canada and the US there is a certain amount of things you bought and can bring back without paying taxes. I know the longer you are in the states the higher amount that you can carry back. The form says up to $50 for 24 hours, up to $200 for 48 hours and 7 days or more $750. That's all in the Canadian dollar. I suggest you rip the tags off most of the stuff you get (which means take the stuffing and anything else that might make them wonder) and keep them on the smaller items and say you got a great deal on them (just take the prices off). You really only need to worry if they decide to search you and from what I have been through in traveling, they only search your stuff the first time you visit and its usually when you are going into the country. I've only went through customs in the airports though and have no idea what it is like when you are driving.
    I hope this helps.
  6. When i went they had TONS of signature things. I bought a big tote and wallet in Sig print.
  7. Thank you all, IHeartCoach, aspy_ps, pisdapisda79!!!!
    I'll post a thread as soon as i shop from there!!!!