Getting to know you: what was your first coach purse EVER?

  1. Mine was the Regular size Soho Flap purse in black. Such a cute and versatile piece, and she just keeps going and going!

    What snagged you all on Coach?
  2. I don't even know what the style is called but it's a black mini-sig tote of some kind. It's right behind my whiskey satchel in my siggie pic. I let my mom have it the other day cause I never use it! She was in heaven having a new(hardly used) Coach! I was hooked after that!
  3. My first Coach bag was a gift from my MIL Christmas 1989. This was before signature or any of the more trendy designs we see today. She had asked my DH for a suggestion and he said a black handbag. To be honest I never expected a Coach bag! This design is called Patricia's Legacy. You can find some of these originals on under classic favorites.

  4. Multi Function Tote, pebbled leather, in a light blue from the outlet last summer. I think it was a Chelsea, if not it was a Hamptons.
  5. My first "bag" was a Hamptons Robin's egg blue front pocket wristlet with whiskey trim. It was a gift from my mother. I think i was maybe 17ish. My first real bag was my emerald green suede demi. Another gift from my mother for my 19th birthday. I still really love it but haven't been carrying small bags lately.
  6. My first Coach was the "City Bag" in "British Tan". It's a classic favorite that my parents bought for me as a high school graduation present approx. 10 years ago. I loved that purse so much, and I wish that I had kept it.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  7. I got my first coach just one month ago. It's a blue signature patchwork hobo and I love it. I didn't know much about Coach until recently. But now I love and want more Coach!
  8. My first was last years scribble pouch.
  9. My first Coach was an outlet release from a few years ago - a Soho houndstooth tweed in black/gray/white.
  10. Mine was the Soho Flap bag for $218 at my first Coach store visit and the matching mini skinny.
  11. I can not remember:shame:
  12. Hi ladies, it all started for me in 1990 with the 'Casey' bag, soooo cute Red, all leather with a long strap. I still have it & for sentimental reasons I will always keep her since she was my first! :tender:
  13. 2004 Black Signature Medium Duffle :love:

    I was a POOR college student and I would always go "visit" my coach at the department store. :lol:
    My boyfriend, now hubby, took me out on our 6th Dating Anniversary and we went to the mall and I had to "visit" my handbag. It was the last one in the store and I was holding it (with no intention of purchase) and this woman actually asked me, "Are you going to buy that? Because I'd like to buy it." and my hubby said, "Yes-- we are. We are just waiting for an SA." I looked at him like-- :wtf:--- and he said, "Happy Anniversary!" :yahoo:
    I still have the bag and I will probably never get rid of it.

    I love him. He is a keeper. :tender:
  14. Coach Court Bag before all the Sig came out.
  15. Mine was the stewardess bag. I bought it in the late 70s. The one I have left from those first ones is the mocha color and I bought it I believe in 1979. I have gone through a lot of bags since then but I will never part with this one.