Getting Them Before They’re Gone: Hanami Basket and Gold Iron

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  1. While I’m trying to remain positive about BV’s new direction, I’m also not taking for granted that certain styles will stick around. Then, there was the sheer luck of finding a bag I have admired since the runway show at a BV outlet for a price I couldn’t pass up. Therefore, please say hello to the 2016 Anniversary Hanami Basket Bag and the FW2017 Gold ‘Iron’ bag.

    Both are smaller bags. As you can see they’re close to the same size. Both fit on the shoulder. I know my chain strap will work to make the Iron crossbody and I’ll try it with the Hanami (but I fear that could look dorky). My Nero Iron was one of my first BVs and as @septembersiren wrote it is ‘such a big little bag.’ It’s a classic and really functional and fun and flirty—and I think it is safe to assume it’ll be gone under Mr. Lee.

    Th Hanami has no weaving and it’s a style that’s not for everyone. I love love love the flowers. I inquired about it after it first came out, but at $4600 for a bag that I wouldn’t get everyday use out of, I couldn’t do it. And I was focused on saving for my karung Cabat so I let it go. But I never stopped liking it.

    A word on the red: I’ve made it fairly well known that red bags and I don’t have a good history and that I should stay away. And honestly, it’s still a concern. I talked it over with my sister (who knows me and my red bag issues—amongst my other fashion idiosyncrasies) and she brought up the fact that because the Hanami is half pink, it may work in my favor. It was really all I needed to hear.
    0CB90472-A478-48D2-A4E0-502A7A1D2822.jpeg 4374F9B6-695F-4D9B-9D86-28CA47587665.jpeg 47574FC2-7F39-49D2-BE90-65F7448158F3.jpeg 763C9221-5290-43C9-9247-F944A170239F.jpeg
  2. Nice finds G!
  3. Beautiful choices!
  4. The gold iron looks amazing!
  5. Very nice
    Good job hunting them down
  6. The Basket is too lovely for words!! :heart:
    i love every detail about it! :loveeyes:
    such a great find, enjoy in good health!! :drinks:
  7. Amazing finds G. I know how much you like the Hanami back then and truly, the Iron is just such a functional staple. Congrats on your new-ins!
  8. Congratulations, they’re lovely!
  9. That gold is beautiful!!!
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. Both are lovely but that gold is TDF!
  12. That gold is everything!
  13. Love the details of the Hanami and that gold is gorgeous! Very nice finds!
  14. Nice hunting! I can’t decide which I like better. I can see why you got both. Congratulations.
  15. The iron bag is very pretty