Getting the Vachetta replaced.

  1. Any ideas how much it'll cost? I plan to replace the handles for my reade in a few months and I'm just curious to know how much I have to save up. Also planning to get handles on a vintage speedy replaced too. Anyone done it before?
  2. I think somebody on here said it was around 200.00 but I am not 100% sure.
  3. i rememer my SA telling me getting the speedy handles replaced ran around $300 (but not positive since i've never actually had it was more of a hypothetical question and as we all know many LV SA"s have no clue what they're talkin gabout :P)
  4. My alma was $160 and that included the tabs. they price everything out individually but if you call them they can look it up in their book and get you the price over the phone. If you replace handles you should go ahead and replace the tabs too.
  5. There is a big price difference in just replacing the handles on a bag and having the handles and the vachetta leather that is attached to the bag replaced as well. If you just want the handles replaced it should be in the $200 range.

    I just picked up a bag from LV that I had sent in to have all the leather replaced. It was an older bag, a discontinued style, very much like the Sologne. They replaced all the leather trim, new strap, shoulder piece all the hardware etc...The total was $330. They quoted me just under $400 so it was nice that it came back for less.

    I can't recall how much I paid for the bag new, because I bought it about seven or eight years ago.

    If I didn't have it all redone there is no way I could use the bag... the leather was just awful !!!!!!!! as was the hardware. I have no idea what I did to make it look so bad... :sad2:
  6. Replacement for a Reade handle is relatively inexpensive since there is no stitching involved, and a small amount of leather. A member on another board had Reade PM handles replaced for $32. Prices seem to vary depending on the boutique, but this certainly seems to be one of the cheaper repairs.
  7. very informative guys. thanks.