Getting the shakes...feeling a bender coming on...

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  1. I am getting so ready to fall off the wagon...but...I...must...wait...a...bit...longer... My in-laws are visiting this weekend and H is not in the plans... I must live vicariously through you all for another week or two at least...then...what happens, happens...

    What is next on your list? What is your timeline?

    My week...for something...

    On my list...I don't know yet...I am ready for a second bag...may wait for Madrid or until I am shopping with PFers...

    Next week...may try another scarf or bracelet if the bag is not in the cards just yet...but...I...want...another...bag... (Stomps feet, feeling 5 years-old...oh no, an addicted 5 year-old...not a good thing...)
  2. Be brave and stron SoCal.

    Think of LV and Madrid. And if nothing else, the in-laws will be a deterrent.

    Would you like me to post your pic of dominatrix teddy again? :roflmfao:

    I'm on the wagon til next week monday, when the mothership beckons. :wlae: :yahoo:
  3. I'm trying to find my next bag but I have no clue what she'll be.
  4. Hey SoCal, wait til I get down to SCP so I can live vicariously!!! Since I can't get anything "big" right now. :flowers:
  5. Well, I'm going to be absolutely NO help whatsoever today! I'm off to see what damage I can do!!!!!!!

    SoCal......hang in there (S'mom attempting to be a pillar of strength).

    WONG? Post a pic of that Dominatrix Teddy for her.

  6. 'bout a black Croc Plume Elan GM????? I can so see you with one!!! :yes:
  7. DT be d*mned! Perhaps I am more like a tea kettle...needing to let out a little steam...hmmm...maybe just saying I WANT TO SHOP NOW will be enough to take the edge off...but maybe have to be a bit thoughtful about the H benders... I will not buy to has to be just right... (Holding on fast to the tea kettle and Goldilocks metaphors to prevent off-track purchasing...)

    Good thing I am not with Gina in Paris right now...I really feel like being bad...
  8. Ok SOCAL......breath, breath baby. How 'bout just a teensy, weensy little pochette scarf to take the edge off???? Hmmmmm? What about that?
  9. Will have to stay off the wine/champage this glass could spell trouble... No wait, in-laws are visiting...I must have a few cocktails...but will not go to H! Looking forward to out SCP visit!
  10. Shopmom, You just might be able to save me if you go out and purchase something spectacular and post pics! That should hold me for a bit!
  11. Ok, so f*ck DT (metaphorically speaking). If you're gonna blow, do it w/ style. The old might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb thing.

    So. If you see something you really like, go for it. If you want to buy some little trinket to let off steam, don't. Be a pressure cooker instead and really let it blow when it blows. (Am I making sense?)

    If you have to go buy something, go buy a nice bottle of wine and ENJOY it, rather than a half-*rsed H something for the sake of an H thing-y.
  12. Can't say I'll find anything spectacular today, SoCal. I AM going to the SF store and we all know what that means. BUT, so far I'm drinking my morning coffee out of a new "Jardin sur Nil" porcelain Latte cup/saucer....and there's a few other thin boxes waiting to be opened still.......does this help?
  13. Oh MAN, Wong.....I wanna go shopping with YOU some day!!!!!
  14. But I want another birkin...compromise may be a bolide, but I can't quite consider without thinking of it as 2/3 of a birkin...second level compromise may be a second bracelet for a bit of layering...third level compromise may be a scarf...but no purchases until next week...entertaining the in-laws this weekend...

    You have an excuse this weekend as you are on birthday birthday H-Anon waiver is for the following weekend... LOL...there is a charity benefit at SCP that weekend where many stores offer 20% off...H does not participate, but it is a great reason to go to SCP...wander into H and shop there anyway...
  15. Okay, screw the tea pot...I am a pressure cooker...LOL...

    Will briefly stop by the Jimmy Choo trunk show today but am "safe" as merchandise is not immediately available...the only "shopping" I will be doing is at Godiva for MIL...that does not count... Will have to wait until at least next week for a more interesting purchase...

    DH is a bit of a wine buff and has a few hundred bottles at home...just have to go downstairs if I need a sip or two...
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