Getting the right shoe size from eLux

  1. hi all,

    I order a pair of sandals from eLux. I ordered and received the 37.5 but I actually need the 38.

    eLux only has 2 sizes left and neither are 38.

    :confused1: Do I hang on and see if they might get a 38 in, or should I just return the shoes because honestly I can not wear the 37.5.

    Here is a pic of the shoes (in case you missed my big announcement of my azur items!):smile:
  2. oh god they are the cutest axur thing i have seen yet!!!!!!!

    i am so sorry they don't fit you!

    what shoe size are you that you need a size 38 euro?
  3. i wear a 7.5 but in the euro sandal I always need an 8 which is the I am having a hard time finding that size.