Getting The Kinks Out Of Tassles!

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  1. :idea: Deana is at it again! I don't like waiting for the tassles to eventually unbend when putting new ones on my Bal-bags. So after a few different ideas, this is the one I found most effective. I take a clean tupperware container and I wrap the tassles around it. Some take only one night and others I have had to wrap one way for a night, then take it off and wrap it the other way for a night. After the kinks are all out instead of putting them back in plastic to get wrinkled again, I hang them from a pants hanger, cover them in plastic and hang them in my closet. Anal you say? Yes I am, but it works! My tassles are all smooth and pretty. Does anyone have other techniques?
    img4589jf4.jpg img4599pv3.jpg img3889kj8.jpg
  2. Deana, you are the absolute BEST!!! :yahoo: I have no other ideas, but I am sure going to use yours. THANK YOU!!!:yes:
  3. Deana, I did something similar when I bought a bag that the previous owner had tied knots in (the tassels). I wet them slightly with a wet cloth, then wrapped them around wide drinking glasses, wet them a little bit again until they really conformed to the glasses, and let them try overnight. The next day they were like new!
  4. Excellent idea! I've got to try it! Thanks for sharing that tip!
  5. Deana, so funny, I was JUST thinking of this last night looking at the tassels I'm sending you! They're just so kinky :roflmfao:

    I put them flat on the dining table and placed really heavy books and laptops on them... but your idea seems easier, I'm off to try it, thanks for the tip!
  6. :shame:
    Thanks you guys! I had tried one tassle the way citychris did, but then I was affraid they might not dry evenly. I also tried my daughters' hair straightener, but I had to put alot of Cetaphil on it to take away the crisp feeling. The tupperware really works and there is no risk involved. You can just keep it on until your satisfied with the results. I forgot to say that after I wrap the tassles on it (whether it's 1 or 10), I use a silk robe tie to wrap around the whole thing to keep them in place. I had tried using a big rubber band but it put dents in them, and any cloth tie, towel, or scarf will do. Then set it aside and wait. The hanger I am using has the cardboard on it to hang pants on, and it came from the drycleaners with the faintest bit of sticky on it, so they don't slip off. But I am sure any hanger will do! I feel alot less anal knowing you guys have wanted to take the kinks, and bends out too!

    :roflmfao: Be prepared to get the strange looks from your spouses, boyfriends, and kids when you do this. My family thinks I have gone over the bend with the things I do for my bags!
  7. OMG, that second pic of them hanging on the hanger is priceless! I aspire to be you one day!!!
  8. Your very sweet! Thank you!
  9. Deana, you are so cute! :roflmfao: I'm going to try your method too. :nuts:
  10. here goes deana again with her tassles!!!

    i love it, keep going sweetie :smile:
  11. deana I am literally laughing out loud right now, after looking at your pictures!! You are too much! But thanks for the great idea, it made ur tassles look brand spankin new!:yes:
  12. Yup...we are all in agreement that I have officially gone over the edge! But I am having a whole lot of fun on my way down!