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  1. I would like some information and this is what I would like to know...

    Please add your input on the leathers you own or have owned and how you feel they wear. Let us know how long you have owned the bag, how often you use the bag and what type of wear you see. I would love to especially know the color and if any colors have had poor wear or get super dirty.

    Feel free to add any thoughts and information that could help all of us here.
  2. raisin clemence cacahuete. 3.5 years old - one spa treatment. used year round in rain, sun, snow, humidity, dryness, traveling, errands, etc. etc. minimal (press your nose to the bag) wear along the piping in a one-inch-long area on the side (but it's a shoulder bag, so it doesn't get set down much - not counting when i've fallen, banged into walls, etc. etc.). been spilled on, no stain, no dirt, no mark, nothing.
  3. Do I count?
  4. You betcha, Baggsy!!!!!
  5. I was wondering about some of the lighter to mid level they all stay pretty nice?
  6. I have a Rouge H Togo Trim that's a little over 3 years old. Some minor corner wear and a few other wear spots on bag, looks great overall. I'm very pleased with the wear. I'll wait about 6 more months then take it in for its first spa day.
    Potiron Togo Birkin is not a year old. Only wear is some corner scuffing.
  7. 4 years and up
    Togo-great skin, a real workhorse, my black Togo was my first Birkin and the most often used. Looks great. Flops a bit, but looks fine when filled or when the straps are tugged. Hasn't gone to the spa yet; no need for it that I can see. This Togo (G stamp) has a rougher grain than my J stamp bags. Handles have elongated a bit to be slightly pointy. Rouge Garance and Vert Anis are rather new so no issues yet.

    Chevre de Coromandel-Rouge H; has loosened up a bit over time, has gotten even shinier and more beautiful IMO than when I first got her. I only really began using her more frequently this past year. I sent her to the spa for some touch-ups. Color fading on the corner and a few tiny nicks on the flap. Very lightweight leather, but I feel that it's not as scratch resistant as some may think.

    2 years
    Fjord-I love this leather, smooth, matte, dry to the touch. I don't use this bag that often as the color is Sapphire Blue so I have to think a little harder when I put the outfit together. This is one leather I don't have to worry about ALTHOUGH I have noticed one or two white spots appear (not fading of the color). At first I thought it was DD's milk stains from her sippy cup, but they're not. Someone else was telling me that this is not too uncommon with Fjord and can be easily cleaned by a craftsperson.

    Less than 1 year
    Chevre Mysore-more matte and less spiny than CDC--don't use the Vermillion very often but all my accessories are in Chevre Mysore and they hold up beautifully

    Clemence-soft, and lovely to touch. Rouge H and Gold. Too short of a time frame to tell, but can see these babies doing well over time. And much of the feedback I've received regarding this leather affirms this.

    Buffalo Skipper-Dalmation-Another workhorse leather. Not worried about this one in the least--very tough.
  8. i got an almost 10 y old Christine in Togo, sand(sable) colored.
    it got some color from my black jeans but easily could remove with a damp cloth at the end of the day.
    didnt got a spa treatment yet, very light wear at the corners.
    (i will make a photo and post it later on today!)
  9. :nuts: looking forward to that pic!!!
  10. What a great thread! Thanks Kellybag!
  11. Greath information
  12. KB, one of my box leather mini Kellys is around 12 years old, the other is 10 years old. They look absolutely flawless. I absolutely adore box leather. You just can't go wrong with it. As it ages, it gets even better looking.

    Another of my mini Kellys is a 10 year old in courchevel. While this leather is discontinued, it is a lot like epsom. It, too, looks brand new. I love the textured effect! I was afraid of dryness, but there is none.

    My other bags are four years old and younger. My Picotin is clemence and it, too, looks great (after about four years). There are some signs of wear along the bottom (the grains tend to flatten out a bit) but other than that it is still perfect looking.

    My swift and chevre bags are too young and both look brand new. Let's hope they stay that way!
  13. kelly bag!!!!
    well let me just congratulate you for arriving on the yellow brick road!!!
    gold togo , fantastic durability apx 5 yrs
    chartreuse clemence, fabulicious durability 6 mos
    vert anis clemence, superfabuloso durability 2 yrs
    fushcia epsom NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!! 8 mos
    hermes orange baby bull, dreamy and incredibley durable 4 yrs
    potiron epsom, magnifcentastic durability 2 yrs
    turquoise clemence, wonderfulicious durablity!! 3 yrs
    thats it for now hope this helps!!!
    all time frames are apx!!!!
  14. Chocolate evergrain-had for 10 months: It wears very well and has anice shine to it. I love how the leather feels. Kind of smooth with a little grainy feel I suppose is how I would describe it. I use this bag maybe once a month. I don't see any wear on it as of yet.

    Blue jean togo-had for 7 months: This leather is VERY durable, but I'm not especially crazy about how it feels to the touch. This leather is kind of heavy in my opinion. i don't use this one but about once or twice every two weeks. No noticeable wear.

    Fuschia ostrich-had for 9 months: This bag wears well. Any scratches really just blend in over time. When it gets wet it dries quickly with no problem. It is somewhat lightweight as well. I see some where around the bottom corners, but nothing of great concern. I use this bag fairly often.

    Vert fonce fjord-had for one month: I love this leather. It has a unique feel to it. Very textured to the touch. It wears well and scratches are not a problem. Very lightweight in my opinion as well. No wear on it yet. I use it maybe once a week.
  15. Thank you so much for the info thus far.

    Anyone have any complaints with lighter colors or mid-level colors looking dirty?