Getting the itch again, should I sell one to buy another?


Steel City - is it a keeper?

  1. Keep the Steel City you idiot!

  2. Get the Sandstone Matelasse

  3. Sell the Steel City for a different Bbag colour & style - black is boring

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  1. I know we all get this from time to time...You feel the need to purge one or two Bbags to fund other colours...I have been having in-pure thoughts about selling my Steel City to get a well...not very sought after bag...Why do I do this???

    Should I sell a yummy versatile Steel City to fund a medium Sandstone Matelasse?

    If I was 100% sure, I wouldn't be asking that question.

    I already own an Ivory Matelasse and love the quilting. I think I am just starting to panic because the Matelasse will no longer be made after this season. That's no reason to sell my fave Bbag, is it???

    Another option is to sell the Steel City for another colour to spruce up my collection. The colours I have already are Vert D'Eau, Sapin, Bubblegum 05 & 08, Electric Blue, Vert Thyme, Ivory, Cognac, Marine, Blueberry, Vert Gazon, Jaune & Rouille

    I guess a poll will help ay?
  2. I love sandstone.. Its such a beautiful colour. But so is steel!! Ohh.. Tough!! Sell others..
  3. Really, no more matelasse? I didn't realize that. I say go for it, I ove the steel, but you truely do love your Ivory matelasse and a SS would be lovely on you!
  4. Get the mattlassee (sorry, always spelling that word wrong)

    I never liked plomb *ducks for cover* b/c it just reminds me of black and if you're gonna get a dark color, just go for jet black IMHO....
  5. i agree with alaska..if you want a dark color that lookslike black but it isn't..might as well get black maybe sell and get the one you want =)
  6. i say get the matelasse cuz i love the quilting and i want one!! =)
  7. No keep the Steel City! - i sold my Steel Day Hobo and still really regret it, the leather was divine and the colour so versatile. Like you i sell bags to buy another and keep to a limit of only 5 bags at one time and of all the bags i've sold, the Steel Day Hobo is the only one i regret selling :sad:

    (on the other hand if the rumours are true there may be another Grey on it's way :graucho:)
  8. Keep the Steel City:tup:
  9. I have started to love colours that looks like black but not quite. So I think you should keep Steel. Buy Sandstone Matelasse since you love yours in Ivory & it is going out of production. You don't want to regret later.
  10. I say keep the steel city!! I say this cuz I am wanting something in steel too!!:lol: I think it's a beautiful color, if you want something a little different than black, Steel is the way to go!!
  11. keep the steel city
  12. I saw the sandstone matalasse in person and i have to tell you, this bag was very, very nice!
  13. ^ Yep.

    My hunch is that you will regret selling it. It is such a versatile colour and I remember you saying that you were getting tons of use out of yours.
  14. I think you should keep the plomb and sell on of your pinks (either the 05 or the 08).
  15. welcome back, drati!

    i'll throw you some questions instead, KDC:
    do you prefer steel to grey? cos we'll have 2 greys in the next season! :yahoo:

    do you want the quilt more than the colour sandstone, or vice versa? i'm not a fan of the quilt bag but i :love: the colour. i'd prefer SS in another style.