Getting the creases out of my new Keepall???

  1. Hello all!

    My new Damier Keepall 50 arrived today:yahoo: I have never owned a speedy, so I dont know how to get the creases out of the bag from being folded at elux for shipping? Why would they do that to such a gorgeous bag? I've got it stuffed to the gills with bath towels, will that help or is there a secret to it? When I tried it on at the store it did not have creases and was not sagging anywhere...
  2. My speedy 30 was like that, and after I used it for one day, they were gone! I guess I'd suggest putting your things in there and using it, and I think it will fall nicely. Especially if it's humid. ;)
  3. i stuffed my keepall with tshirts (alot of tshirts) and the creases went away quickly.
  4. Yes, stuff it with t-shirts for a week or so. I put mine out in the sun...the heat seemed to help, too.
  5. Sometimes it takes a while for the creases to go away, but keep the bag stuffed when you don't use it and eventually they will fade out!
  6. Thanks everyone - I have it stuffed with bath towels and t shirts, I'll be taking it on my trip next week, so hope the creases are out by then...