Getting the Balenciaga craze!

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  1. Bought my first Balenciaga in 09 , Matelasse Black and fell in love. My first City RH Raisin- then came the Cyclade City RH, bought the GSH City Palm green, but husband thought would have been better in GGH. Returned reluctantly. Found City Rouge Vermillion GGH, waiting on arrival from HG bags. Can't wait! Now saving up for next one, I think a Neutral w/GGH.
    Here are my babies so far.
  2. Those are awesome bags! I am obsessing over getting one...I did want a Chanel but Balenciaga seems more versatile and fits my style better! Thinking of gettin the 06 Day in Ink..preowned..dunno if i should
  3. Thank you. I do have 2 Chanel, Black 2.55 Caviar/silver chain, Large Green Quilted Bowler, but do not use them as much. I have a large collection of great bags, but recently officially a Balenciaga convert! Love the leather and colors and durability. Once you start it is hard to stop! lol!
  4. nice collection! I've been eyeing a matelasse for the longest time. yours is gorgeous!
  5. What a great little collection!
  6. I have heard some mention of the color Olive, that would be nice I think with GGH, I also love the Galet GGH City.

    Current collection:
    LV Le Fabuleaux Black
    LV Comete Peach Shimmer
    LV Stephen Sprouse Speedy Fushia
    LV Multi White Speedy
    LV Multi Black Aurelia
    LV Babylone Monogram
    LV Manhattan PM
    LV Montorgueil PM
    LV Baggy GM
    YSL Muse Pewter
    Gucci Boston Joy bag
    Gucci GG Silver Peldham
    Chanel 2.55 Caviar Black silver
    Chanel Lg. Green Bowler Modern chain
    Tods Black tote
    **Balenciaga here I come!
  7. I did have BOTH the Brown & Black.sold the Brown recently and really miss it!
    It was a fabulous Brown! Always suffer remorse after letting one go. But willing to turn around some LV's for more BB. :happydance:
  8. Wow, you're off to a great start, congrats!!!! :yahoo:

    There's no turning back now!!!!:graucho:
  9. Yes, staying on the BB course, I just love the GGH bags. Wish list is a Neutral GGH City or Work next. I have seen some have the Sandstone with GGH I think is gorgeous. Would love to find that one. Just need to be patient. Killing me waiting on the Red Rouge Vermillion GGH I have on order! Going to be a tough few weeks of anticipating her arrival!
  10. Nice collection... it's gonna get worst, you'll see...
  11. I love your trio of Bals - beautiful collection :smile: Your raisin city is gorgeous!
  12. Oh yeah, I know, already feeling it! :yahoo:
  13. You seem to have caught Balenciaga Fever :welcome2:
  14. You are on a roll, girl. And off to a great start. Can't wait to see the Rouge Vermillion additon. Post photos please, when she arrives.
  15. Love your collection so far ... especially the Raisin!