Getting stones set

  1. Hi all,

    yet another question and hopefully somebody might have a lead for me? I have inherited some gemstones which I really want to be set in a design. Does anybody know how to go about doing this and does anybody have reccomendations of places to do this in the North East?

    Or anyone in the rest of the country who they have dealt with? I really want to get these set so I can get them worn, my aunt just had them sat in her jewelry box in little plastic boxes for years!
  2. Lucky you! You might want to look at


    Both of these websites have ideas for mounting jewelry.

    I recently had a new pendant made with my original diamond engagement ring and eight pink sapphires. I took a picture to the jeweler, but it didn't come out as I had hoped and I am so disappointed with it. I am anxious to have it reset. I'm considering a couple of settings shown on these websites. They are good places to start when trying to come up with ideas. I wish I had known about them at the time.

    I had it done at a small local jewelry store here in Maryland, but with mixed results. I wish I'd had a referral from someone else first. I have since heard good things about Limon's Gems and Jewels in Bethesda, MD, so I think I'm going to consult with them about having my pendant re-done.

    Have fun!
  3. North East of the UK or USA? If UK I can probably help as I've got a few contacts. If you want, drop me a PM and I'll pass on their details.