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  1. Guys & Girls,

    People call me Samantha. I am a busy (kidding :P ) business women. I signed up here to interact with fellow fashion peers around the world. Hope I can become a valuable member and contribute to this community.
  2. Hi!
  3. Welcome to the Purse Forum!
  4. Hi. I welcome you, but if Samantha is your real first name, or something people call you in real life, I don'think it's a good idea to post it on such a popular forum but I'm very sensitive about privacy.
  5. pleased to make your acquaintance! i'm piggy (^(oo)^)/"
  6. Welcome! :welcome:
  7. Thank you friends, for the warm welcome!
  8. Welcome to tPF! You'll love it here.
  9. HI!:tpfrox:
  10. Hi Samantha! Welcome to TPF :tpfrox: