Getting started...

  1. ... more to come and very soon I hope :graucho:

    FW07 Jaune City / SS08 Black GSH Envelope / SS05 AG Mini Twiggy

    The Sky Blue City belongs to my sister which I picked it up and have mailed it to her this afternoon. Boo! Wished I could keep it. :push:


  2. Wow, those are all gorgeous! Can I give you my address and you mail one to me lol. j/k......unless you're gonna do it lol
  3. Oh that mini twiggy is too cute!!!
  4. I like them all!
  5. Love your postcard quality pictures!!! Your Bbag family is Gorgeous, with the Sky Blue more gorgeous. ;)

    I am lusting after your Jaune City! :drool:
  6. beautiful, congrats!
  7. Gorgeous! What a wonderful start!
  8. That mini Twiggy is one of the cutest bags I've ever seen!! :heart: Apple Green + Jaune in your collection = GORGEOUS!
  9. Me too :tup:!! And your collection is beautiful!!
  10. your juane is amazing... i loooove the very distressed leather. do you have an individual photos of it?
  11. thanks everyone....

    verty there are more pics of each bag here...
  12. Great collection! that envelope clutch is gigantic!!!! But really beautiful!! :drool:
  13. Love the Jaune City & the Black Clutch! Very cute collection!
  14. All of your new bags are absolutely beautiful. Congrats.:woohoo:
  15. :wtf::nuts::drool::drool::drool: