getting sooo sleepy.....but have to ask!

  1. With baby and daddy out of the house I came on here right after work 10:00pm....

    it is now 2:00am and I am finally leaving the forum. It made me want to ask...

    what is the longest amount of time YOU have spent on the forum?

    till tomorrow!
  2. I spent like 4 hours a day for a few days....arggg
  3. i only just joined 2 days ago but yes, i have to admit, its very addictive.. no matter what i am doing i keep coming back to refresh the page and see whats new..
    its quite fun.. :heart:
  4. I dunno - one day i'm gonna try and stay on for 24 hours... hehehehe!!!
  5. Yesterday i found the Stars and Hermes post , i spent hoursssssss going through the pages :cutesy:
  6. i have no idea. i'm sure i've spent more than 4 hours at a given time on this forum, since it's so addicting! i check this forum often throughout the day, that's for sure.
  7. i think the longest was for 3 hours straight but i visit the site throughout the day, so i'm guessing i spend a good amount here. it's so damn addicting, i love it!:P
  8. Guessing 2 or 3 hours straight for me maybe. not sure...
    I usually pop on then leave the page open and come back after a little bit. so it's hard to tell..
  9. ^ Same here. :yes:
  10. Well I'm off and on during that's 8 hours in total.
  11. god alll day i think.. its always runnin in background. maybe straigh though about 5 hours...
  12. Well sometimes i am on here like all day, visiting every so often.
  13. I'm on here whenever possible. I think 4 or 5 hours straight sounds right.
  14. during the day, all the time.

    when i go home, i check the forum as well.. 'til i go to sleep. :sweatdrop:

    i like this forum soo much because it caters to women - with all the ka-chings and ka-pows we love. :lol:
  15. Gosh, Im here from the time I get up in the morning, off and on all day until I go to bed at that sad or what? But hey, I still get every thing done that needs to be done. That makes it A-O.K.!