getting SOOO fed up with vachetta!

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  1. Sorry for all the posts lately, but I just had to vent. I just got a Tivoli GM about a week and half ago, and I already want to get rid of it! I love the bag and the design to death, but the vachetta is killing me. All of my other mono bags I've gotten pre-loved so they've already developed a nice patina and I don't worry about them very much. But the pale virgin vachetta on my Tivoli shows every single little mark and has color transfers from my shirts and I honestly cannot deal with it any longer. I have half a mind to list it on eBay right now...if I wait a year, I can get a used one that already has patina!:hysteric:
  2. Sorry to hear that Kimalee. Did you try treating the vachetta? It might help.
  3. sorry to hear that! Same with my cabas mezzo! the vachetta in the first week was killing me. I agree with the above try treating your vachetta and use magic eraser :biggrin:
  4. Kim... I hear you! When I carried my Manhattan 4 days after I bought a few weeks ago, I came home and noticed all these spots. I am TOO scared to treat the leather because I don't want anything to happen to it. So now I just carry my Damier Speedy to avoid that problem. I look at the vachetta bags everyday in the closet though LOL.

    But back to you... Do you really want to sell it and wait for a patinaed one?
  5. I've never treated any of my bags before, so I'm a little scared to try it out. And I've been carrying my Damier Speedy too, lol! Trying to avoid making it worse at all costs. But honestly, I wouldn't mind waiting for a used one. I know many people hear don't like used bags, but I love them! And I won't be home for the first half of next year, so I won't be able to use my Tivoli will be sitting in the closet and that pale vachetta will be waiting for me when I get back! :cursing: So I'm figuring that I might as well wait for a used one....
  6. ^^ I know! Pale vachetta is not my thing! My mum did what the LV store (in my area) does to speed up patina. She shone an even light using a lamp on her BH to patina it :biggrin:
  7. Use saddle soap to patina the vachetta. Do a search on it. Otherwise, just leave it out in the lit area so it patinas quicker.
  8. ^^ wantmore - have you used saddle soap before? Do you think it works well?
  9. Okay, this might be the stupidest question do you treat it?:shame:
  10. vachetta can be ruthless with stains. one of my mono's (and probably my last due to the vachetta) has never been used because i'm waiting for it to patina. i read on tpf that someone used a dampened, soft cloth to slightly darken the patina. BUT, i'm not recommending this because i'm not an expert. however, if you do try H20, make sure you wipe down all the vachetta with even strokes.

    i hope you get the stains out of your tivoli; it is a beautiful bag even though the vachetta is out to get you.
  11. Kimalee dear i koe how u feel. I check my MC Speedy evertime i bring her home. My bf thinks im stupid. Anyway i find that Apple Guard is quite good. I spray and spray and spray. I find it helps. I have sweaty palms and my handles are still quite good now. Very minimum darkening.
  12. No I haven't, but I remember reading someone recommending it. I've only left a few LVs to patina them. I really don't mind the vachetta either way - new or patinaed (sp?).
  13. kimalee, I know exactly how you feel. This is one of the reasons I prefer Damier and Epi. I only have two mono bags and I purchased both pre-loved with a beautiful even patina. However, I do have a Damier Azur Speedy and find that I rarely carry it because of the virgin vachetta. I would suggest like the others and try treating your vachetta with apple guard. Or since you say you will be abroad for a while maybe you could have your mom carry it while you are gone so when you return you'll have a nice patina?
  14. Sorry to hear, when you're not using the bag leave it near a window so that it will tan.. this will help to hide an marks on there.