Getting smells out of old bags

  1. I recently won a vintage gucci tote on eBay and it definitely has an odor to it. Not smoke, and nothing awful, but just an "old" odor. Any tips on getting the smell out? TIA
  2. place a few dryer sheets in the bag, then place the bag in the dust bag or pillow case or something with a few more dryer sheets in that bag. In a few days your that funky smell will be gone. hope this helps.
  3. yess that is a great idea!!! dryer sheets does a ton for killing odors!

  4. agreed!~
  5. I'd add some more. Put your bag with pillow case in a plastic bag. Then use your hoover to suck all the air out of the plastic bag.
  6. Also, an open container of baking soda helps pull the odors out. Put the container and bag in the dustbag, close it and leave it for a few hours. It will help with the odor.
  7. Has anyone tried Fabreeze? I bought an LV on eBay, sprayed the lining with fabreeze and in a few days the order was gone.