Getting rid of scars???

  1. A couple of years ago i burnt my arm with the hair straightners (yes sounds so stupid) lol but the straighteners slipped out of my hand and burnt my arm slightly, and theres a mark still there like a dark line.

    Is there anything to get rid of it at all? or is it here to stay?

  2. When I had surgery my doctor said the only thing that can help lighten them is pure vitamin e oil. He told me to rub the oil on my scars once they'd healed but it didn't work. And all those skin creams and gels that claim to get rid of them don't work either.

    But surgery scars are pretty major, maybe the vitamin e oil would work on a little iron burn.
  3. i got burned by the side of the iron once when i was younger. i applied cocoa butter and now i can't even see the scar its so faint.
  4. If the other recommendations don't work, try Neosporin scar solution - they work great!
  5. Or you can give Mederma a shot.
  6. Mederma doesn't work. BELIEVE me. :tdown: It is such a waste of money.
  7. Perhaps that's why I haven't noticed any results!!
  8. LOL exactly! I went through SO MANY tubes of that stuff thinking that it just took time. I used it twice daily for at least 6 months and it never did a thing. I want my money back! :mad:
  9. I'm having this problem too recently, but w/ the place where I had my belly button pierced. Anyone heard anything good to make that less noticable?
  10. ScarGuard works. It is expensive though. Plastic surgeons recommended for their patients after an operation. If you do a search online, you will find it.
  11. cocoa butter, oils, neosporin, etc. may help a little. but unfortunately, i think only time will heal scars. i had very bad bug bites from a vacation one time and they only faded away with time.
  12. Nope, not really. A scar is just that, a scar. I got burned on my leg & arm by a motorcycle muffler when I was a small child, and I still have the burn scars today. They're like little brown pigment spots.

    There are things you can do to lighten them, but to remove them, it would require another scar.
  13. I just bought the scarguard MD from Duane Reade in downtown NYC after reading this thread. I hope it works on my scar that I got a few months ago from a mole removal on my collarbone. I will post before and after pics!