Getting rid of leather crease/markings

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  1. I recently purchased two new bags. However due to the nature of leather, there are crease on them already. I really like the bags and don't intend to return them. Is there a way to "treat" them.

    I have attached photos:
    1. Celine trio
    2. Fendi Micro Baguette

    Appreciate your advices fellow pfers!
    fendi.jpg 134395.jpg
  2. The thread in the Chanel GST forum about ironing out creases might be helpful!
  3. That's the natural beauty of leather though! If you cannot stand the crease, maybe try blowing the spot with a hair dryer and rub it out.
  4. Hi. Im new here. Can anyone help me with my bag. I purchase a bag and there´s "fold" marks that annoys me much. The previous owner did not take good care of the bag. Is there anything I can do to reshape this? And one more thing, does anyone know what MK bag is this? Appreciate all the help. Thanks

  5. i have a brazza lv wallet with creases, any idea how to restore the shape?
  6. I had a deerskin KORS Miranda bag that had a bad round imprint on the front (like in the first photo in this thread), probably from a handle. All I did was moisturize it with my leather lotion, and use the bag ... a while later the crease was GONE!!! Probably took like a month though, or at least I stopped paying attention to it, and one day I noticed it disappeared.

    You can try generously lotioning up the bag and stuffing it from inside with loads of tissue, so that the shape holds as proper as possible, and keeping it that way for a week or so. That should help.