Getting Rid of Excess-Help!

  1. I'm now at the point where I'm happy with the amount I have. everything is organized and in place and I know exactly where to go to find something. now what's important is keeping it that way. and I find by curbing consumerism you minimize the chance of getting out of control again. for eg I'll be traveling soon and have got a new carry on case however small things I would normally go out to buy like travel size bottles are a no no. if I look around I have lots of creams, cosmetics etc already in small enough jars and bottles. so I make sure to use them up, wash out the bottle and refill it with what I want to take away with me. sounds like a little effort but it's already 5 less dust collectors I have refused to fill my home with.
  2. it also helps the environment. plus when I go shopping I try to remember to take a bag with me so I don't need to ask for packaging. once those plastic shopping bags are in your house they are a nightmare.
  3. I have been tackling the kids' rooms lately because they are at ages where they are outgrowing many of their younger toys and asking for different sorts of things. We are putting in modular shelving in my sons' room because it can hold baskets for smaller toys, but it can also hold larger sets, board games and books. We are gathering all the parts together, tossing the broken things and donating things to Goodwill. They cannot believe how it feels like they have more to play with because they have all the parts to sets and they can find everything they need, even though they actually have less. It is a great lesson in organization and the power of less stuff for kids.
  4. I right there with ya - I am still doing this. It is a struggle as I like to accumulate. I was inspired by this thread and just put together a huge pile - a sell box/ throw away bags. I followed the tip of "make split second decision". This made it way easier. I am also considering getting rid of a rug in there.

    I've noticed the minimalism "movement" has kind of died out BTW - and merged into a decluttering movement. Interesting.
  5. I desparately need to declutter. Plastic bags are a big problem for me - I've started using reusable bags but still have tons of plastic bags. I'm hoping once the weather warms up and we start walking the dog, my bag supply will decrease noticeably. :p

    I also need to go through my books and start donating the ones I don't see myself rereading. And don't even get me started on clothing, god...
  6. A declutter can definitely make you feel refreshed. Sounds like you need it too :smile:
  7. Don't mention that word - books... When I moved to my house, I brought up 8 boxes of books, and left 25 at my parents house. My parents are nagging me to go through and either keep or get rid of the books I left behind...
    You'd think it would be easy... it's not.

    I fully understand how decluttering has surpassed minimalism.

    Occasionally, I will joke that I am such a minimalist - I only have 40 pairs of shoes! Or ... only (some ridiculous number of things I don't really need)

    While I occasionally think about traveling the world with a backpack and a smile - I have no desire to be a minimalist. I like having a comfortable home, with my favorite things surrounding me.

    That being said, I would like to only have books I will read, clothing I wear and I don't want to dust. I don't want to work hard to waste my time

    Have you thought about getting one of the plastic bag holders - either cloth or plastic? At least that way, they will be contained and out of sight...
  8. I have no problem with using plastic grocery bags. I use them for garbage, and I have 2 dogs and a big yard. I stuff the clean plastic bags in a box in the pantry.

    For anyone who wants to get rid of a few plastic bags, head on over to a nearby park and place them in the dog bag repository for use by your neighbors with dogs. They will be much appreciated.

    One TPF-er said she carries a plastic bag in her purse in case it has to be put on the floor; she can put her purse inside the plastic bag. Hmmm, if every TPF-er put a plastic bag inside of every purse in their collection, would there be ANY excess plastic bags? ;)

    Regarding decluttering: my problem is getting the motivation to do it. My solution is: redecorate room by room. Figure out exactly how you want the room to be, then empty, paint a new fun color, change a few accessories, and only return to the room the items you really want. Include storage solutions (my favorite is hooks). Leave lots of floor space open. It will be wonderful!

    Of course, I have lots of space for staging areas on the lower level, so this won't work for everyone. It's really fun, though, if you can do it. I even enjoyed painting and repurposing the closets.

    For paper and books, I have a new commitment to eliminate nearly all paper now that I have the iPad. A lot of the paper (usually unsolicited direct mail) can go straight into the trash. Personal notes and lists go straight into the iPad or phone. This is a hard one to keep up, but it's so nice to have a clean kitchen counter. (Another present for the house.)
  9. ^^ Great Post and ideas.
  10. Alot of grocery stores have recyle bins for plastic bags...;)
  11. I agree with the scanning. I am currently working on pictures, because my den has been taken over by them! I have a backup, and I will burn all my pics onto discs when I have them all on the computer. The most helpful thing I think of that keeps me pitching out: your living space costs a lot of money. Figure out how much room your excess stuff takes up in square feet and figure out how much money that costs you per month to store stuff you don't use. I would certainly rather use the space than have my unused stuff use it!
  12. BF did an amazing job today cleaning out the bathroom. He cleaned out old crap from roommates who haven't lived here for years. He also trashed an awful old bathroom rug, and cleaned the tub, etc. The room looks SO much bigger, better, and brighter! all from half a trash bag of old junk. I think I am addicted.
  13. Hope I am not overdoing it - organized my half of the closet today, and I am really proud of it. BF and I are doing a major clean out of the kitchen tomorrow, and I am off to buffalo exchange to try to sell some clothing - whatever doesn't sell will go to goodwill a few blocks away. BF has been really helpful, it makes it so much easier!
  14. I have been clearing out my wardrobe (accessories and footwear) and put them all away neatly on the shelves. I have 3 pairs of shoes and 3 handbags and have worked out what is missing in these areas. I will buy these once the other shoes I have decided to get rid of have gone.

    I need to de-clutter the magazines, jewellery, crafting items, top of the wardrobe, inside the main wardrobe top to bottom, all my drawers as these are crammed with stuff and my bedside table.

    Its a lot of things to do, but slowly I will get there. I hope
  15. DH and i just moved in the Fall so we don't have much to de-clutter. Yesterday, though, i decided to part with some nice dresses that i haven't worn in >5 years. I'm going to bring them to the Buffalo Exchange this week, and i feel so good about doing this! After getting rid of a LOT of excess earlier this year, i'm moving on to getting rid of sentimental or really expensive pieces. My next de-clutter will be of ex-boyfriend jewelry but i'm not sure where to sell this. I posted on the jewelry subforum but didn't get any good ideas. The jewelry is too cheap for Ann's and too nice for Buffalo Exchange but maybe BE will take it anyway.