getting rid of bad smell..

  1. it may be just luck or a coincident.. i gave my panda pochette to a LV store for a clean and it came back with smelling like new canvas.. whatever they do when they clean the bags, they totally got rid of the moth-ball smell on my bag.. it is now smelling like just purchased bag..

    i know that plenty people are wanting to know how to get rid of these smells, maybe bringing it to the store for a "clean" will help?

    just a though :flower:
  2. thats awesome,glad the cleaning worked on the smell.
  3. Did you specifically take it in for a mothball smell?. I have a terrible mothball smell in a used handbag that I purchased and was thinking of having the lining replaced. If taking it in and having it cleaned removes the smell I may try that instead. :flowers:
  4. yeah but what if you have a papillon that doesnt have a lining??? Mine smelled like perfume or something
  5. I noticed this, too when I sent bags for repairs. The original smell (not like it was bad or anything, but they had faint old leather smells) was gone and my bags smell brand new!
  6. Wow! wouldn't that be great...wonder what they use???
  7. yeah no.. the smell on my bag was pretty bad.. i've been airing it for about a month and it still has the smell.. but then i gave them the bag for cleaning, i didnt say anything about the smell but its pretty strong, so i assume they did something to it... weird huh? maybe they "Wash" the lining/canvas or something... but do try it, its free after all, so better try it before you actually have to pay for a lining replacement.. :yes:
  8. Do you think wallets could have a bad/mothball smell too?? I was looking at one on ebay, it is much less than new on e-luxury but the mothball thing is scary. BTW, I am glad that LV got the smell out for you:yes: !
  9. I wonder if it's a spray like car dealers use? Not to be silly but they have sprays at BMW, Mercedes, etc for Pre-owned cars that they use, I wonder if it's something liek that....they should sell it!
  10. yeah, imagine how much more money they could make out of those sprays? :yes:
  11. Do you just bring it there, tell them you want it cleaned, they'll bring it to the back for a while then you get it back immediately on that day? :shame: Not sure how it goes, but I'm kinda afraid that they'll look at me like I'm nuts if I tell them I want my bag cleaned. Lol... :lol: :P
  12. ILOVELV, yep.. just walk in there and tell them you need the bag cleaned.. it took them about 4 days for them to do mine, but its totally worth it... considering its free, and whats more, they give you a bag (carry bag) everytime.. i love their carry bag, i've got lots of them :yes:
  13. Thanks for the info! When you said "carry bag", did you mean their usual brown shopping bag? :shame:
  14. yeah :shame: