Getting remarried...

  1. Hey all..

    My parents are getting remarried in two months after 20 years apart (WOW!!) I will admit we had spent every holiday together so perhaps not huge surprise..

    Anyhow.. a few questions:

    1. Do I get a gift?

    2. What is the best LV store in NYC to purchase a wedding gift??? Nicest SAs?? Yeap the wedding will be there and I already have numerous gifts to tote (meaning I would purchase the LV stuff there..)

    3. Would you be freaked if your long divorced parents annouced this? I'm not but was at first!!! )

    4. Nicest gift for the couple? I know I mentioned LV and it would be great for Mom but what is good for both?


    TIA Peeps!!
  2. Wow...that's amazing....congrats!

    I love LV, but wouldn't you want something for both of them?
  3. That's so amazing...but why not buy a gift for both of them?
  4. Yes! I would love to give LV but do recognise it would be one-sided towards Mom. Any recs for both? They will probably live apart for the next few months and then hook up... think they might travel the world by boat. Any advice appreciated!!!
  5. Mom is a huge advocate against fakes and I thought if I found a nice LV that would suit them both, well it might be a nice gesture. But I am really concerned about both of them. Would like to make both happy. So does NOT have to be LV or even a bag! I am clueless here so help me out peeps!!!
  6. Christine- I think that is wonderful.. It is destiny that they are to be together. I don't know about a gift..but I hope you have a wonderful time..:heart:

  7. Hey Jean - thanks! I'm sure I will find something to give them. I have an odd family.. I guess one that doesn't want to give up on the whole marriage thing after a gap of 20 years or :smile:.

    Have a great time in Florida, eh? :smile: (ps I am from the north.. can use "eh". :smile: )
  8. I think its fantastic that they are getting back together! kinda romantic don't you think? :smile:
  9. Jean - did I wish you well on your knee surgery? If not - well all the best! And for sure you rocking that Kelly of yours....
  10. That's fabulous! Maybe a suitcase they can use together? Or a bag for mom and wallet for Dad if you want to get something from LV.
  11. Hey.. thanks for the input. I'm not sure it has to be LV... lol
  12. This may be a dorky suggestion, but do you have any pictures from 20 years ago of them? Maybe select some of the best and have them professionally framed, then get a gift certificate to the framing place so they can get some current pictures framed as well.
  13. That's fabulous! Congrats!
  14. WOW!Thats so freaky!!!! happy for you guys!I wouldnt go over board in gifts since its the second time around..just having family and friends around is what TRULY counts.
  15. That's so romantic! Congrats to your parents!