Getting refund from a seller

  1. I would like to obtain some feedback regarding my recent transaction.

    I bought a chanel bag on ebay last saturday and paid 610 bucks for the item. the bag arrived today, and through the help of the wonderful members of the forum, had it check for authenticity... because I continue to have questions about it, I decided to email the seller about returning the item and getting a refund. She emailed me the following:

    No problem, If you are not satisfied with this item I will issue a full refund . Return package must be postmarked and sent back within 7 days of original receipt. Please send my bag via Priority Mail Insured ( $200.00 ), and Delivery Confirmation Tracking Number . As soon as I received the bag I will send full refund to your paypal account .
    I'm so sorry ,Thank you very much .

    As I mentioned, I paid 610 bucks for the bag, but for the insurance, she only wants me to insure it for 200 dollars... I am thinking that to be safe, at least 500, what do you guys think about this? all feedback are welcome and very much appreciated... thanks again.
  2. i dont think this would effect you if you only put insurance for 200, would it? ohh.. sorry *blonde moment* if it doesnt get to her, YOU will be the one out 610 dollars.. hmm, tough call. if you'd like to pay extra for the added insurance [assuming you are paying the return shipping fees] to save your back, go for it. if not, im sure it will be OK.

    also, before you send the bag back make sure you will be GETTING your 610 back. she may try to rip you off once she has the bag in her posession [minus ebay/paypal fees, etc]
  3. thanks for that reminder. I just emailed the seller about that very question...
  4. Sounds like the declared value was a freudian slip.
  5. I would insure for $610 to be safe! What's an extra $5-10 in the scheme of things?
    Be sure to file a claim with paypal or ebay though....that way everything is on the up and up & they are aware of it in case of future problems. You can politely let her know that you are doing this to protect yourself, etc.
  6. I would ship the bag back to her the same way it was shipped to you. Be sure to get signature required so you know she has the bag and get a tracking number. Insure the bag for what you paid for it, because if it gets lost she/you will only get 200$ and the rest will come out of your money.. not fair. It doesnt sound right that she wants it shipped back with 200$ insurance.
  7. thank you all for the feedback.. I did insure the item for the value that I paid her.. I do not want to take the risk.. as you said, things do happen....thanks all again..
  8. I would've insured for full too. Good luck with the return bluxcape!
  9. Good decision blu! You've covered all your bases now!