Getting redirected to another site

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  1. Let me know if this still happens.
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  2. Still happening here. Almost every other time I click on anything, including the “like” button! Like many others, I’m on Safari, not using the App.

    I copied the link in case this is at all helpful.,%20LLC&lang=en&ref_domain=&os=iOS&osv=12&browser=Safari&browserv=&brand=Apple&model=iPad&marketing_name=iPad&tablet=1&rheight=0&rwidth=0&e=5
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  3. I got redirected again just now. Perhaps worth mentioning this has ONLY been happening in safari on my iPad, and not at all in safari on my iPhone or MacBook.
  4. I did get the redirect in Safari on my iPhone as well. I narrowed it down to our banner advertising partners, someone is screwing around. Let me know if you still get this behavior - I turned off all banners for the time being.
  5. This seems to have fixed it, at least for now. Thank you!
  6. happened just now when i clicked on first thread I wanted to read after coming on forum. I’m not on app.
  7. Thank you!
  8. Everyone good with this issue now? Wanting to make sure it's not happening for anyone else!
  9. Hi I also have been redirected a few times to a site that looks exactly the same but is!
  10. Recently?
  11. Yes a couple of times. I though I had logged out by mistake but then noticed there was no click to reset password then I realised it was a different site
  12. The techs helped me block the site that was pretending to be TPF!
  13. Thanks, it appears not to be working. It was the image of our purseforum.