Getting redirected to another site

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  1. Hi Mods,

    Almost every time I click on a new thread or “next page,” I get redirected to this site. This started yesterday and is still happening today. I’m on tPF via a web browser on my iPad, not the app. Can you guys clean this up? Thanks.

    Here’s a screen shot of what I get switched to:

  2. I'm on Safari and it hasn't happened to me. How are you accessing the internet?

    Tagging @Vlad
  3. I’m on Safari as well. But this is the only website where it’s happening.
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  4. Very strange, this may be a rogue advertising that spawns this type of behavior. Typically, the ad networks figure out the abuse and shut it down quickly, let me know if this behavior persists.
  5. I have been getting that, it started yesterday on this website only and I’m using safari.
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  6. It has been happening to me on safari on the iPad as well. In fact it happened when trying to click on this thread too. Many random places in the Coach forum I get redirected.
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  7. It is getting worse. Almost everything I try to click on goes to that site.
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  8. It is.....First thread I clicked on was this one just now and immediately I was redirected.
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  9. This has just happened to me twice this morning. I’m on my iPhone browsing with Safari on the mobile version, not the app.
    Both threads I clicked on in R&F redirected me to WalMart of all places :blah:
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  10. Still happening to me too!
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  11. @Vlad I’m on safari on my iPad and every time I click on a tpf thread I’m getting redirected to that same site as the others posted above “happy dot luckstarclub dot com”
  12. I am starting to suspect that this is related to Tapatalk (the app provider).

    I made some changes to our account, let me know if this still occurs.
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  13. Thanks for looking into this. I got redirected again a moment ago, after your post. I never use the tpf app or tapatalk, I just use safari to browse tpf.

  14. I'll have our server techs look into this as well.
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  15. It’s happened to me a few times just now. Looking into it.