Getting ready to take the plunge

  1. I have been thinking about it for a long time. And I think I am almost ready to take the Chanel plunge. I have an OK bag collection. But my one Chanel went AWOL when my sis took it while I was in Europe.

    So now I am thinking aobut getting another one. Does anyone have suggestions for a Chanel bag that would take me from casual to sophisticated chic. I can only get one so it has to serve many purposes.

    All suggestions are welcome.

    Tell me. What would you chose if you could only have one Chanel?
  2. Well I waited 3 years to be sure of the right bag cuz I knew it would cost $$$ and I went with the Classic Flap, black caviar, silver hardware, Large. I carry lots of stuff so Large is perfect but if you don't, get the medium. I think medium would go great for day or evening.
    Chanel Top.jpg
  3. btw I think the one Chanel that I did have was the classic flap. I would like to get something bigger and more modern like a tote or a stachel maybe. I dunno, something stylish.
  4. Gonna look up pictures for that.
    Thanks rosehair!!
  5. Wow. That's beautiful. Thanks for the photo.

    Even looking at it I have to ask myself if I have what it takes to wear Chanel. Does anyone evey feel like they have to work up to being "Chanel-worthy" style-wise?
  6. Don't worry about being worthy of your bag! If you find yourself worrying about that, you should look for another bag. I think classic Chanel is very wearable, though! I like the black classic with the new chain.
  7. how about the cotton club tote ss 07! I have one and its so useful
  8. cotton club tote is supercute. Perfect for work or shopping IMO.
  9. PST is nice too..can be used for day or night?
  10. nerdphanie: you are right i just need to take the plunge. But the legend of Chanel is still a big deal for me. lol.

    fabs04 and sheanabelle: I just looked up the cotton club and I like that one too! It just looks so chic.

    alouette: I couldn't find that one. Do you have a picture of it?
  11. how about modern chain tote? or cerf tote?
  12. when i started reading this looking for my first and last chanel. chanel reference and shopping threads helped me a lot in my quest.

    i was also looking for a classic chanel that is wearable day and night and will last me a long time....i chose the classic flap in medium and phython (my first exotic skin).

    im still waiting for them....i still cant decide between dark silver and bronze/copper :p

    i think a classic flap esp 2.55 is a nice classic bag...esp the metallic reissues coming in this fall.
  13. Uh oh. Now I want everything in the reference thread. But I remember when they first made the 2.55 I thought it was sooo cool.

    Hmm, I'm thinking of maybe going to the store and look at them and pick them up try them on etc.

    Thanks ladies. I see this is going to take some research for me.
  14. oh I want to take the plunge too - I know what I want its just so hard to find an authentic one!

    Want a black jumbo classic flap
  15. good idea! feel the bags., pick the one you like best...and do a phone order to a store where you dont have to pay tax and shipping.

    good luck to your hunt!:smile: