Getting Ready to buy my first...need some help.

  1. I'm getting ready to buy my first "city". I was on the balenciaga website and saw that some of 07 bags had regular size gromets and some had really large ones. Can anyone tell me what size is on the 07 city? Also, does anyone know what colors are available. I know I need to just call the store but the ladies on here always have the best adivse. Thanks so much!!!!
  2. Check atelier.naff it's a wonderful resource. You can get the city w/ both the reg. or Ghardware
  3. I've looked at the has been so helpful. I want the regular hardware...not the large. Wasn't sure if they had both. Also...I have been checking out everyones bags...are some years...more veiny than others?
  4. Each individual bag differs, even if it's the same color/style from the same year. PFers have posted about having a SA at BalNY pick out an individual bag for them based on veinyness.