Getting ready to buy my 1st LV (Baggy PM.) Need some Help Please.

  1. I am never really like LV (sorry guys) until lately. But now I guess I have seen the light. Anyway, I am really in love with the Baggy PM, I went to visit it today, and it is even more gorgeous IRL. :yahoo: I am having a hard time deciding if I should go with the green or the blue though and I need some help.

    1. The SA said that this was the only green baggy PM she could see left in the system, but she did not seem very knowledgeable and didn't even think that they had any in green until another associate came up to her and said they just got one in. Are there really that few left, or was that just a line to get me to buy it. I hate that kind of sales tactics so of course I did not buy it (but I did put it on hold :blush:.)

    2. I could not find the date code in the bags, and they said they were not allowed to show them to me. That seemed weird to me, where do I find them in these bags?

    Thanks everyone, please help enable me. :lol:
  2. Hmmm... I'm more of a fan of blue...

    As for date codes, SA's aren't supposed to tell customers about where to find date codes or how to decipher them... ;)
  3. date code is along the seam of the inside pocket.I have this bag in blue and love it :biggrin:
  4. ^^^ Thanks!

    I called the 866 number and they said they still have a dozen in Lichen, why would the SA say there is 1. Is the inventory in the stores and with the corporate number seperated?
  5. Hmm, it shouldn't be. I think you just happened to get an SA that didn't quite know what she was talking about :shrugs:
  6. Oh don't stress hon. I have found that sometimes I know more than certain SA's do.

    I have many great ones that are super knowledgable but then there are some that are not.

    Anyway all you have to do is call 1866-vuitton and they can look up all the green baggy pm's in the US. You will get an accurate account for how many are left.

    I personally have a blue and pink baggy GM. I love the blue b-cuz it matches well w/ lots of stuff

    If you decide that you want the green--you may need to hurry because it is a limited edition item. An SA told me when I bought my pink one that they should be gone by the end of summer.

    Good luck
  7. Being more conservative, I have the blue but love the green. No pink for me.
  8. I love the green. The blue always reminds me of acid-washed jeans from the 80s.
  9. I have a blue in the Baggy GM but I also love the blue in the PM. I do like the green but I think the blue is more versatile.
  10. Thanks everyone. I really loved both the blue and the green. I think the blue would go with what I wear a little better, but I am leaning towards the green just because it is limited and I could always pick up a blue one in the future, but not visa versa. :girlsigh:

    Would it be bad to go to another LV tomorrow and try to find a more knowledgable SA? :angel: