getting ready for summer:Giuseppe Zanotti

  1. Anyone very familiar with this brand ?
    I just ordered these gorgeous flats, should be arriving ups anyday

  2. Those are very delicate, feminine sandals. Very nice! I bought a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals last summer and really liked them. Probably only wore them once or twice, but am glad I bought them.
  3. one of my favorite shoe brand:heart: they are super comfy and bling:yes:
    this one I got 3 years ago,but I stil think it's one of my most favorite:love:
    IMG_1466.jpg IMG_1468.jpg
  4. they're super cute and must be very comfy too!:p
  5. well, wow, we all have special shoes,sandals

    To tell you the truth I am not one to buy and buy shoes, but when I do - I Go for It!

  6. Yes, I am familiar, :love: zanotti! I actually really like those sandals.
  7. I bought 3 of Guiseppe flat sandals last summer and I wore them so much. They are so pretty and comfy! I am looking forward to buying more this summer.
    Congrats...great choice!!
  8. Very cute! It looks like you're ready for summer!!
  9. Cute sandals
  10. Thanks for sharing, girls. I need to get a pair myself.