Getting put together every day

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  1. Ladies of TPF, a question for you. On the school run and at after school events, I see many moms who look wonderfully put together. Each has her own schedule and family commitments. How do they/you make time for it all? The hair, makeup, skin treatments, nails, workouts, nutrition - what are your tips?

    I have seen one mom walk her kids to school in workout clothes and immediately take off for a jog. I don't have that opportunity as I have to head to work, but I think with some better organization I could present myself in a more polished way.

    What are your tips?
  2. I’ve subscribed to this post hoping someone would shed some input but no luck yet I see :/

    I personally do not have children yet (just got married) and I find it tough to fit everything like getting ready in the morning, working out, other beauty regimens (facials,waxing,nails,etc), cooking breakfast lunch & dinner for my husband, taking care of 2 tropical birds, and working from home (for now because I also just graduated).

    For me, its mostly creating (or writing out) a schedule, and really sticking to it. Definitely harder than it sounds & takes a lot of self-discipline. But, its already so tiring, I can’t even imagine adding kids to the equation................Need a couple of more vacations first I think lol

    So curious to see some replies!
  3. It's definitely hard. My day job luckily doesn't have much of a dress code, so I can come in wearing jean shorts and flip flops if I don't want to wake up earlier than usual. When I do dress up, it helps to lay out things the night before. Outfit, makeup, hair tools. I can take my running clothes with me. Change at work and get my run in at the park on the way home.

    I don't have kids, but I work 40 hours and work on my business in the evenings. Also have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 5 chickens. Lately I'd rather work on making soap than painting my nails. :biggrin:
  4. I have 3 kids (3 under 4), own my own company so able to work from home. My work schedule is flexible so I'm essentially working throughout the day until I go to bed. Thank goodness for modern technology! Basically I changed my routines. Shower at night so hair dries overnight. Makes getting up in the morning easy. I usually get what I wear out night before too so I don't waste time trying to figure that out. Make up regimen now takes 5 minutes. Breakfasts are easy to make and DH helps feeds the kids. Workouts are either with the kids (hill work pushing my double jogger while the baby is strapped in the carrier) or evening after dinner when kids go down. I plan all meals Sunday night and do any Prep work for those meals that night so I can toss everything together.

    I usually paint my nails during tv at night if I need it. Any maintenance beauty appts are done Saturdays and usually call it me time. I try to only do it once a month because I don't sent to take up family time.

    You'll always feel like there isn't enough time in the day until you add to the equation and then you adjust. I thought it before kids, after 1, then 2 and now 3. I never thought I'd say I had time when there was 2 but now I see there was.

    Any questions?
  5. :bump:

    Very interesting thread. I think being organized is the key. I'm not married and don't have any kids but when I have a busy week ahead of me, I usually plan my outfits (including accessories) the day before and wake up a bit earlier to do my make up (which takes me 10 minutes). If I want to go to the hairdresser's I usually choose to go in the evening becuase it's less busy. If I don't have time for that, I usually tie my hair in a ballerina bun (which by now I can do with my eyes closed) so it looks more put together. Other girls I know prefer bumpy / voluminous ponytails or side braids. As far as nails are concerned, I don't visit a nail salon but I prefer to do my manicure at night while I'm watching a tv show I'd watch any way.

    It also helps to have a "uniform" i.e. a combination of clothes that you can wear from day to night by just changing the accessories. A classic black pantsuit can be very helpful. A make up setting spray usually makes the make up last longer so you don't have to waste time reapplying or correcting it during the day.