getting promoted to associate - I am doing it!

  1. ^^Me too! I hope it's going well. Even if you're not where you'd hoped to be at the moment, keep striving for it.
  2. Awesome goal! Thinking happy paper thoughts!
  3. hey everyone,

    thanks for reading and asking - have been busy, had family visiting and generally some trouble, so no time for tPF

    BUT we had good news: another paper is coming up for publication but needs some revision and a second one needs major revision but it might just work out :smile:.
  4. yeah, so here am back again with some updates:

    we had two other papers accepted - so for me that is currently a total of five published papers, although only 3 will count for the associate. so I have another 2 to go! to be on the safe side make it another 3.

    one other paper came back with revisions, but I am hopeful this will be finished and accepted soon.

    really, my goal of applying in december is quite likely to happen now. we still have one out for review that will count for me, and the last one I am writing on right now. keep sending good thoughts please :smile:
  5. wow, long time no update.

    so here it is:

    we are still working on papers to be published but I had some setbacks regarding requirements, it seems I need more papers that I expected, so unfortunately october is no longer possible.

    however, we had a few papers reasonably quickly accepted, so I guess it is moving in the right direction.
  6. so I have totally forgotten to update this thread:

    I applied about 2 weeks ago - finally. we'll see how long it will take .....
  7. ^^ good luck!
  8. Crossing my fingers for you, Lara!!!!!
  9. thanks little star ;)