Getting pregnant on the pill and still having a period?

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  1. Hi all,

    I am one to overthink everything and this time it's about being on the pill and getting pregnant.

    From my understanding, you cannot become pregnant on the pill AND have your period after you've become pregnant (clarification: I know you CAN become pregnant on the pill but if you DO become pregnant while on the pill you CANNOT have your period) but I have heard of spotting when the egg plants itself in the uterus.

    Now my question is, how can you tell the difference between your period and this post-pregnancy "spotting"? For example, is there a difference in colour? Frequency (continuous [period] or once every few days [pregnant])? Amount of blood expelled? Etc.
  2. I've heard that if you're pregnant on the pill you can spot, but it's very light compared to even the regular "period" you get on the pill, KWIM? It may last a couple of days but it's sufficient to wear a pantiliner. However, I have also heard that some women can spot every month while they're pregnant, hence fooling them for the first few months of pregnancy. I think it's extremely rare, however.

    Hope you're ok!
  3. Thanks I think I'm okay! I started the pill this month and I'm just paranoid about everything but I may keep some back-up pregnancy tests at home to give myself a peace of mind in the future once I'm through this pack.
  4. personally I am super paranoid about pregnancy so would still use condoms even if on the pill (the one's I tried made me sick)
  5. The condoms were becoming too much of a turn off; it would get so dry and I would just...get sick and tired of it. So we're planning on using the pill with the contraceptive foam. We've both tested for STIs and HIV and we are both monogamous so that's not a problem.
  6. i think it's the light light spotting that might make you "think" your pregnant. something like a couple dots of blood. Lighter than what jellybebe described. I know a couple of friends who have had a scare while on the pill. I also have a co-worker who was on the pill but still got pregnant b/c she missed a day or something.

    which brand are you taking?
    I'm taking trycyclen-lo and i love side effects...I didn't gain weight when I first started 6 years ago maybe 3lbs at the most?! I usually take it around the same time give or take 2 hours (depending if I'm out late and forget to take it) and there have been a couple of occassions where I missed a day and took two the same day (highly don't recommend it, as I felt uber sick that nauseus and light headed). Bf and I don't use other contraceptive forms either...but then again we only see each other maybe 3-4times a week at most.

    hope all is ok Karman.
  7. I'm using's been pretty good so far, I haven't had any serious side effects either. I haven't missed a pill since I started but I did take a couple of pills late, but maybe only like an hour max.

    I'm on the sugar pill week now. When am I *supposed* to get my period?
  8. You may also want to try these~

    Less mess and I found, due to it doesn't expand like the foam does, there is less irritation on the outer area. They are small and flat too, so easy to throw into your wallet, bag, etc...just in case. :p

    You may find though that with these types of birth control, you can still get dryness and both of you can experience irritation.

    I have since had a tubal ligation, but this method worked for me prior to that.
  9. I got pregnant with DD while on the pill...Didn't really have any spotting though. I was sick for a few days which caused my pill to (apparently) become ineffective. :p
  10. Thanks B.Jara :smile: I do feel safer with the foam though and I get more uses out of a can of foam than a six-pack of film :s The film was pretty expensive compared to the foam, too.
  12. I usually get mine on Wed every other month. I do the normal Sunday start.
  13. That's good to hear jell, I followed the Sunday start too so hopefully I get my period tomorrow...I guess it takes a couple days for my body to register the fact that I don't have those hormones anymore, and a couple days more for another hormone to take over so I can start my period...

    So do you finish up your period in your first week of your next pack of pills?
  14. Whew got my period and it's definitely my period and not spotting...what a relief! Thanks ladies!